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Career Guidance

Career Guidance: Significance of Education in Life

Education is not a preparation for life; it is a never-ending, but ever-enriching part of the journey of life. Choosing right career is also so important for any life. The significance of good education is that it is the key to success in life. This is also the key to unlock the golden doors of freedom (psychological, spiritual & intellectual). Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. Choosing a career will fully depend on what you want to be in future. Career guidance shall be imparted qualitatively and systematically to the children at an early age. This will ensure glory and success in their lives from the very beginning. Children shall be given freedom to think and choose a career of their passion.

Career Guidance: Choosing right career path to achieve education

It is rightly said that God is one but has many names and that as a parent one must guide their children towards the forms. Similarly the goal of education can be achieved by choosing right career path, where the interest & strengths of the child through various career paths, be it through science, lie. The medical & engineering professions remain favourite engineering, commerce, arts or humanities. It is important till date.

Career Guidance : Importance of Foundation Courses

Quality education is the greatest gift that parents can give to their children, making them respectable human beings. Elaborating on the need to make our education system goal-oriented, Swami Vivekananda said that the end of all education is ‘Man-Making’. Education, for him is the process by which character is formed, self-confidence and horizontal thinking is developed, strength of mind is increased, the ability of decision making is instilled and intellect is sharpened, all of which enables one to stand on one’s own feet.

Gone are the days when people used to plan their careers after passing 12th standard. In the era of cut throat competition at every sphere of life, everything is planned much earlier, and the education and career of children must be planned at an early age while they are in their preadolescence. The earlier one plans; the better are the outcomes one gets in return. To make the future of children bright and secure, to prepare them so that they are able to face all sorts of challenges in life, they need to be prepared in advance from an early age. Their raw talents need to be sharpened during their junior and secondary stage. In order to actualise all these, children should be permitted to take psychometric tests. Psychometric tests has a great influence in choosing the right career. Career guidance starts by understanding one’s own strengths and weakness. The best time to think of career guidance and choosing right career is during high school, instead of waiting till 12th standard to choose the right career.  In order to succeed in whatever you choose, it is imperative to understand your interest and passion for the same. You need to analyse your skills in order to have clear perspective and access your suitability for the same. Extensive research can help you gain knowledge about the career you are planning to opt for. It provides you with a sense of what all is required to pursue your dream career and how to go about it step by step.

Career Guidance : Making relevant career choice in a changing world

Technology is changing rapidly and so is our life. Technology rules our everyday life. It is rightly said that you tend to live by the choices you make. However, one of the most challenging yet crucial decisions that you will be required to make is choosing the right career path for a bright future. While choosing right career can be little challenging, it is certainly not an impossible choice to make provided you have the right guidance and knowledge. The actual career guidance starts here.

Moreover in an ever changing and challenging world, it is imperative to think from a future perspective on which jobs are going to stay and which will disappear. Taking expert career guidance can come to your rescue and help open plethora of career options that you had no clue. Surrounding yourself with right people will guide you in the right direction.

Choosing the career : Nurturing Life-Skills

LIFE-SKILLS: Are a set of values, which are not acquired overnight but long-drawn continuous processes are involved in attaining these. The specifically designed Foundation Programs nurture these skills by cultivating the following practices in children:

HARD WORK: Hard work has been the best all time mantra for every great and grand achievement. An activity calendar for the students has been designed so as to make them involved in work round the clock. This way, they get accustomed to work hard. They are also put through grilling sessions that make them habitual to hard work giving them an edge over others. That is how they stand out from the crowd and become successful in what they do in life.

INQUISITIVENESS: This is the inherent quality for the growth of every individual in every field of life. The curiosity to learn and know ‘how and why’ makes one a good learner, thereby increasing the domain of his/her knowledge. Weekly and monthly tests help students assess their abilities and identify their weaknesses. And thus, their weaknesses are converted into strengths by the help of our proven experts.

CREATIVITY: To develop creativity among students, an array of activities are organised by the eminent faculty based on the latest research. Creative projects are assigned individually to the students that give them ample opportunity to exercise and ignite their young minds to think out-of-the box. This activity is done on regular basis to make the students habitual of creative thinking.

LOGICAL THINKING: This is a practical skill required in all walks of life. While teaching Maths. Science, Mental ability, emphasis is laid on brainstorming sessions rather than on the traditional style of rote learning. Experts prepare such assignments that need logical thinking to solve them. Problems based on logical thinking are incorporated in the assignments to equip the students to think logically. Some special assignments are also provided to the students from time to time to check their IQ levels.

REASONING SKILLS: This is also a practical skill, which is necessarily required everywhere in life. Expert faculty especially designs practical problems that require reasoning skills to solve them, besides the knowledge of the syllabus. Special classes are organised to hone the reasoning skills of the students so that they are able to solve difficult problems in both competitions and in their lives.

Career after plus two – some domains


Engineering is one of the most preferred stream sought as career after plus two is engineering. It is considered the bread and butter for the Indian industries. Needless to state, most of the students tend to become engineers by profession. Apart from interest, parental pressure, teacher’s pressure, social factors etc. make them believe that engineering career is respected in society, etc. If you just wish to complete the degree and settle with a decent job in the industry, then a career in engineering is not that bad. Most of them end up their undergraduate engineering profession with IT jobs. Most of the good colleges demand good marks in Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics in plus two. A career in engineering is good for a promising career after plus two if you are good in maths and analytics.


In parallel to engineering, you can always think of three year bachelor’s programme in similar subjects. For example, you can go for B. Sc. Electronics instead of B Tech Electronics. Compared with the B Tech programme, it is 3 years and the mathematical and analytical content would be comparatively lesser. After B.Sc. Electronics, you can seek for a career in M Sc. Electronics or similar programmes. A three + two degree programme can be best career after plus two if you are a moderate learner.  Demand for science graduates is increasing with the increase in the research and development in the country. Government organizations like ISRO, DRDO, and Department of Biotechnology etc. are engaged in the research activities in the area of space, defence, health care, etc. One can choose between the basic sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or move to life science programmes like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Zoology, Botany, etc. If you think you can contribute for the country with your studies, this is one of the best career after plus two. Read Career in Physics Career in Life Sciences

Health Care

Career in health care is for those who wish not to have mathematical and analytical courses in their degree and post-graduation. Health Care primarily consists of MBBS, BDS, BAMS, etc. Health care and its allied branches are also becoming best career after plus two in the Indian context.

Allied Health Sciences– There are quite a number of good career opportunities in allied Health care courses – some of them are Pharmaceutical Sciences, Optometry, etc.

Arts / Humanities

If you wish to have a good career in arts / humanities programmes, there are ample choices available. With the boom of online magazines, news channels and online news editions, the need for journalists is increasing. If you feel that your talent fits here, then a career in arts / humanities can be the best career after plus two for you.

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