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Career after plus two website serves three main purposes:

  1. Create a plan of career after plus two
  2. Your overall career development – assuming you are undergoing UG / PG studies
  3. Elaborate view of disciplines in various domains – to choose as career after plus two
  4. An insight to your career after M Tech
  5. Various disciplines in Engineering – to choose as career after plus two

If you are seeing career counselling and guidance for a bright career after plus two, here are some tips for you:

You should be able to choose a promising career after plus two, based on your passion or interest, talents and strengths.   Here is some food for thoughts as part of career counselling in the Indian context.

Career after plus two – some domains


Engineering is one of the most preferred stream sought as career after plus two is engineering. It is considered the bread and butter for the Indian industries. Needless to state, most of the students tend to become engineers by profession. Apart from interest, parental pressure, teacher’s pressure, social factors etc. make them believe that engineering career is respected in society, etc. If you just wish to complete the degree and settle with a decent job in the industry, then a career in engineering is not that bad. Most of them end up their undergraduate engineering profession with IT jobs. Most of the good colleges demand good marks in Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics in plus two. A career in engineering is good for a promising career after plus two if you are good in maths and analytics.

Job scenario after engineering

If your aim is to to work in core engineering companies, then the scenario is different. You need to have analytical, communication skills and strong technical base in the subject of study. Mathematics subject should be learned with importance if your aim is to look for a good industrial job in core engineering.

On the other hand, if you wish to pursue research and development or join academia, then you will have to work hard. Just like the above case, you would need strong mathematical background.

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3 year degree

In parallel to engineering, you can always think of three year bachelor’s programme in similar subjects. For example, you can go for B. Sc. Electronics instead of B Tech Electronics. Compared with the B Tech programme, it is 3 years and the mathematical and analytical content would be comparatively lesser. After B.Sc. Electronics, you can seek for a career in
M Sc. Electronics or similar programmes. A three + two degree programme can be best career after plus two if you are a moderate learner.

Health Care

Career in health care is for those who wish not to have mathematical and analytical courses in their degree and post-graduation. Health Care primarily consists of MBBS, BDS, BAMS, etc. Health care and its allied branches are also becoming best career after plus two in the Indian context.

Allied Health Sciences – There are quite a number of good career opportunities in allied Health care courses – some of them are Pharmaceutical Sciences, Optometry, etc.


Demand for science graduates is increasing with the increase in the research and development in the country. Government organizations like ISRO, DRDO, and Department of Biotechnology etc. are engaged in the research activities in the area of space, defence, health care, etc. One can choose between the basic sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or move to life science programmes like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Zoology, Botany, etc. If you think you can contribute for the country with your studies, this is one of the best career after plus two. Read Career in Physics Career in Life Sciences

Arts / Humanities

If you wish to have a good career in arts / humanities programmes, there are ample choices available. With the boom of online magazines, news channels and online news editions, the need for journalists is increasing. If you feel that your talent fits here, then a career in arts / humanities can be the best career after plus two for you.

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