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Tips for Successful Internship

Tips for successful internship

Basically, there are NO tips for successful internship. Tips for a successful internship are tasks which you are expected to do in any professional environment.  Keep in mind that an organization is not a class room.  It is a test bed for your career.

Effective communication

In this digital and smart phone age, use technology to communicate. But, while communicating with peers and faculty, you have to make sure that it doesn’t appear as if you are chatting with your girl/boyfriend. Know what skills and strength you can offer, and communicate with your supervisor to discuss the best ways to utilize them and achieve more skills. Also let your peer know if you have a feeling that your skills aren’t being used to their potential.

Goal setting

Meet your supervisor, peers and other potential people whom you can get inputs and discuss over what you gain you can achieve from doing internship, especially if there isn’t a specific structure to the internship. Follow up to make sure you are meeting those goals and on the other hand, you may even set new goals if necessary.


One of the important qualities you should have in both personal and professional life. You should watch, observe the corporate culture, dress, communication style, and the decision making process.  This will help you avoid saying the wrong thing or overstepping your boundaries.

Know Your Role and How You Fit into the Organization

Understanding your position and being aware of it is the greatest achievement of a professional. The organization may take time to teach you various new skills. You should be able to grasp and understand what is expected from your position and you are bound to perform competently to produce the expected output.


This is one of the important tips for successful internship.  You may have to do some “grunt” work; that’s what you pay for the skills that you are gaining. At the same time, make sure there is a balance on the tasks you perform. If the balance becomes uneven, discuss with your peer and see how you can better apply your skills in the office.

Being responsible

Be on time, take your assignments seriously, and meet your deadlines. Companies will often hire interns for future full-time positions, and will look closely at your performance and attitude to decide if you are a candidate for a full-time position.  Responsibility always has to come with sincerity. To execute your responsibility fully, it is important that you have to be completely involved in the whole process.

Talk and Take

Talking is basically one of the tips and tricks for a successful intern. You have to keep in touch with your colleagues, peers and other people who are directly and indirectly involved in executing your responsibility. As an orgnaization, it is important that you learn by talking to people. Precisely, a team work happens through talk and take what all is to be learned. As an intern, learn as much as you can about the industry you are in and the organization, by reading what is around you, talking with everyone, and getting involved with extra projects.  In fact, internship is the stepping stone for your bright career in future after your studies.


I would say this social networking and your presence in social media is one of the best tips for successful internship. Social media being very much powerful now a day, you can have the networking in very simple fashion. Keep contact and talk to as many people as you can. As mentioned earlier, it is easy for you to get information that is important for your successful internship. Introduce yourself to everyone. A mentor may or may not be your supervisor.

Keep in Touch

With the internship, you are entering into a new horizon, which is much much wider than you think and when compared with a classroom life. New environment, new people and responsible job keeps you engaged.  In this scenario, it is quite natural that you have extended your network through the internship. Keep in touch with those you have met, so when it comes time to look for a full-time job, they remember you and can help.

Enjoy, explore and have fun!