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Time Management and Career Development

Time Management and Career Development

Time management is one of the important factor in whole of the human life. Let it be professional, family or a student life, time management is very important factor. In the case of students, they have to apply dynamic time management in the constraints given, to get best out of their studies. There can be a lot of constraints faced by any college student. Most of the students are not aware of how much time to spend and on what. Time management and career development are both complementary. Usually, after joining the college, the student’s focus changes from time to time during the semester, based on the extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities, examinations, home assignments, and lab assignments, etc. Especially in a credit based system, the focus changes according to one’s performance in the test and lab evaluation that happens as part of the continuous evaluation. I have seen students feeling depressed when the results for the periodical exams are published. Sometimes students become angry with the teacher for not getting the expected marks. The observation is that even an average student joins an engineering college assuming that he can enjoy the college life and this attitude in the first year itself brings disaster by scoring lesser marks in the subjects. Along with that the new environment, new people, friends, etc make the situations worse to take the studies lightly. It is very much necessary for a student to have a flexible mind and attitude to adjust with the situations so that during the first year itself. For a real aspirant, priority should be given to studies only and all the other activities shall be secondary. Why I mentioned “real” aspirant is that there are only a few ones who aspire to become an engineer in life to contribute something valuable to the society. Now-a-days, the number of seats for the engineering programmes in India is much more than that of the students who write the qualifying examination. Home Assignments, tutorials etc. should be seriously taken as aids for learning. This helps to reduce the time taken to learn the topics later outside the class. This may not be possible for all the students. In that case, better to invest more time for studies than the other activities. For that, one has to assess oneself and set the goal in the beginning itself. Precisely, this depends on the interest and passion, nothing else. Co-curricular activities help to a greater extent if they are taken as opportunities to apply the technology and concepts learned in the class. Try to do the practical based on the theory so that the concepts learned in the theory classes become concrete in the mind. In case if there is any failure in the subjects, it should be given priority, by allocating a certain amount of time each week so that finally during the examination it is easy to consolidate and write the examination. As our ancestors say, it is not wise to keep everything at the end. Priority should be given to those subjects you find difficult to understand. There are lots of resources available in the internet to learn all the subjects under the sun in this universe. Make use of it. Here are some tips on time management:

  1. Priority should be given to those tasks where you need to get support from others.  It can be a project work or a presentation or an group assignment, anything. You can do your part anytime, but when others are involved, you need to nudge them to get things done on time.
  2. Whenever you get some time, try to learn difficult topics. Or at least use the internet to download fundamental notes on the topic you find difficult.
  3. Think about the tasks to be completed so that you get the ideas. Human mind is designed in such a way that when your mind is involved in finding solutions, you get it at one point of time.
  4. Do NOT keep the work to finish on the last date
  5. If you have assignments to be submitted after 10 days, you should start thinking of them so that it is easy for you to put in words.
  6. This will help you to find some time if something comes in between.

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