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Teaching Jobs after M Tech

Teaching jobs after M Tech

Teaching jobs after M Tech is getting saturated in the Indian context. The current scenario in India is such that passing out M Tech students are too much in numbers. Because of this reason, teaching jobs for M Tech passing out students is also getting saturated. Teaching jobs after M Tech may be possible with a private institution, but getting into government service may be very difficult. In my personal opinion, a career in teaching after M Tech must be pursued if you really have a passion in teaching profession. There can be situations where you have teaching as the only option after your M Tech. In that case also, it would be really good if you can focus fully in updating yourself in the area of your interest and try to impart the knowledge you gain from learning.

In India, this is the real need of the hour. Most of the graduates in tier 2 and tier 3 engineering colleges are not exposed to the latest technologies and the applications that use the concepts learned in the class room.  Being a teacher after MCA, my sincere request is to learn more as long as you are in the teaching profession and then try teaching what you have learned. As far as teaching is concerned, I would say to register for PhD.  Pursuing PhD while teaching after your M Tech helps you to get a better job over a period of time.

In general, those who are not interested in placements or didn’t get campus placement pursue M Tech programme. But there are real aspirants also. Let us look at the other possible options for career after M Tech.

Research engineers as career after M Tech at ISRO / similar type of organizations.

There are more opportunities arising with the increase in the projects taken up by ISRO and other space research organizations. The advantage is that these institutes funded by the central government.  Even if it is a semi-government institute, the projects are funded by the central government.  You may be appointed as a research engineer on contract. It is still an experience for you. The organization undertakes specific application projects that use remote sensing, geographical information systems, and satellite communication. It is also actively involved in conducting space science research. All the research conducted by the organization is helpful in natural resources management, infrastructure planning, health, education, disaster management, etc.

VSSC, one of the primary centers, part of ISRO research projects also invite the engineers to be part of interdisciplinary projects. With your participation in the cutting edge technologies after your M Tech graduation, it offers a rewarding career. Most of the job positions will offer benefits that are availed by the government employees. Promotion of scientific and technical staff is purely merit-oriented under Flexible Complementing Scheme, by upgrading the post held by the incumbent to the next higher post.

Software Engineer as career after M Tech in software companies

Another opportunity for M Tech graduates is to try in software companies as software engineer. The core companies that offer good job positions as “Project Engineer” are AMS, ADI, Intel, Soctronics, Broadcom, Open Silicon, Sankalp and Wipro VLSI.  You may need a good track record during your studies to have more preference.  It is better to undergo training in soft skills and keep you updated in emerging technologies. You should also possess communication and presentation skills to work in the corporate world.  Whenever you get an opportunity to be an intern, utilise it for the benefit of getting a job in the future after your M Tech.These are some of the options that could be explored as career after M Tech.

The above mentioned positions are meant for M Tech in Electronics, Electrical Engineering disciplines.