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Social Networking in Career Development

Social Networking in Career

Social Networking in Career – Now-a-days, social networking is used just for keeping touch with the near & dear ones.  But the same can be used as an excellent platform to leverage your career.

How social networking helps to get a good job

Usually, Social Networking is one of the ways to keep in touch with the nearest and dearest ones. While it is mainly used to share the personal views, opinions, activities etc., there are other ways in which the same platform can be utilized effectively for boosting your career. Now-a-days, government itself is encouraging to be social, asking the opinions from the public, analyzing the comments on the news / articles posted and acting based on it. Most of the educational institutions, research organizations, discussion groups involved in various subjects and areas of thrust have moved to this platform so that experts can share their ideas, knowledge among others. You take any subject in the emerging technologies, there is definitely a group working on it inviting and sharing the ideas.

Social Networking in Career
Social Networking in Career


Groups are created by like minded people in one subject so that anyone who is interested can contribute so that others can learn out of it. Most of the competitive examinations now have a discussion group where a new person can post their queries and experienced will answer it.

Job Portals

With simple registration process, you can keep updated about the latest job openings in your area of study. Job portals are now flourishing with the growth of internet technology and the access to the internet is becoming more easier and cheaper.

Online Classes

For any subjects, there are lot of video contents available in the internet. Google has everything you need in life. There is no need to find any assistance from anyone. It is easy at your finger tips. The best example is the video lectures uploaded by IIT Bombay. Comprehensive yet easy to learn video lectures are very much helpful with a drawback that you cannot ask questions :). But for a school / college going student, this is of very much help.

Social Networking as a learning tool

There are Facebook pages of leading institutions and research organizations for the new comers to seek information. Recently I saw there is a page on Physics discussion forum. All the new inventions, discoveries, are posted in these social networking sites. It keeps you updated on the subject. This helps you in the interviews or group discussions.

Use Google for searching

Why are you searching for a physical library for any books? There are lot of contents available in the internet. Just with the searching keywords of the material you need, you can get it at your fingertips.; etc. are sites dedicated to upload and download presentations, lecture notes, freely downloadable books, etc. Most of the study materials are now available in the internet.

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