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Research Career after M Tech

Research career after M Tech

Research career after M Tech is open for you, other than teaching and industrial job. There are quite a good number of opportunities for those who are interested in research after M Tech. Most of the centrally funded institutions have research project under each department. The concept of research part in the nationally funded institutions are good opportunities for a career after M Tech. Working in research projects will not only provide you to register for PhD., but also to gain experience to move to academia or industry. Most of the researches are in collaboration with the private industrial giants for a good partnership. Some are interdisciplinary also.

Research opportunities for M Tech Electronics / Computer Science

Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software (

With the growth of the applications in information technology, research career after M Tech looks meaningful since the teaching career after M Tech is almost saturated.

Formal design and verification of software is applicable to all the horizons of computational systems. It ranges from household appliances used in everyday life like banking and trade, air and space mission systems. Needless to say, the quality, perfection and precision of these systems may affect even a human life if something goes wrong. When the application is complex, the formal verification also becomes complex. The applications also include systems used to control satellite, space craft, avionics, and robotics. A lapse in these systems could lead to catastrophe.

If you are keen to have a profession that can offer something for the society, you can join such a career after M Tech. You gain much experience when compared with any other profession only when you work with safety-critical applications, .  The above opportunities are good if you have completed M Tech in Computer Science / Electronics & Communication related specializations. However, you should have a good base in mathematics.

The above opportunities are quite challenging and can be one of the good options as a research career after M Tech for you.

Research opportunities for M Tech Aerospace / Aeronautical / Mechanical Engineering

Research projects in Aerospace / Aeronautical related specializations.

If you have completed your M Tech in Aerospace / Aeronautical / Mechanical related specializations, you have Center for Aerospace Systems Design and Engineering at IIT Bombay.

It was setup on the invitation of the Aeronautics Research and Development Board (ARDB), Ministry of Defence, Government of India. The Centre is funded through a grant-in-aid project by the ARDB.

The main objective of the center is the design and development of mission enabled MAV. Mini Ariel Vehicles is gaining importance in defense and national security. This provides exciting opportunities to young and talented engineers driven by passion to be engaged in cutting edge technology development initiative. If you are confident of your strengths and have in the past calibrated your strengths by working on student projects OR undertaking research in the areas related with aero/mechanical engineering, here is an opportunity that awaits you in the following areas:

  • Collaborative mission
  • Real time image processing
  • Flight simulation
  • Navigation, guidance and control law development relevant to MAVs
  • On-board system development, on-board system programming, ground station development
  • Hardware-In-Loop-Simulation, Real-Time-Operating-Systems
  • Understanding of aerodynamics, propulsion system pertaining to MAVs
  • Vehicle design, development and testing
  • Manufacturing of MAVs

Opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary professionals mentored by the faculty of IITB, goal driven funded projects that will see your ideas take shape and get airborne, interact with international experts in the area are all truly exciting.

Research in Nano Electronics as career after M Tech

If you are ambitious with ideas and talents to build tiny devices, then Center for Excellence in Nano electronics ( is here for you.  The center runs as a collaborative venture between IISc. and IIT Bombay. It is a multidisciplinary research center that involves faculty from several departments.  The center focuses on design, fabrication and characterization of

  • traditional CMOS Nano electronic devices,
  • novel material based devices (III-V compound semiconductor, spintronics, opto-electronics),
  • micro-mechanical systems,
  • Bio-MEMS,
  • solar photovoltaic
  • and polymer based devices.

It has direct funding from Ministry of Communication & IT, GoI.

CEN is a resource center formed to serve the academic, industrial and governmental researchers and scientists in the area of nano electronics from across the country. Onsite fabrication is also offered by the center. The center’s aim is also to create technically advanced manpower for nanoelectronics research, including inter-university network in the country. CEN is also involved in developing technologies that can be commercially availed by the industries in addition to the research activities.

Here are some of the areas of interest.