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Patience in Career

Patience in Career

Patience in Career development is very important.  Patience and focus are the two character features essentially required in any profession. This is a real time experience in my life. I was chatting with one of my students yesterday. He quit his job just because of the work pressure and wanted to find a new one. He was an average boy during the studies, but very good, I loved to converse with him because of his innocence. He used to listen to all the advices that I used to give him.  He was an average student in academics, but quite brilliant. Enough patient and ready to take up responsibilities. It was after a long while I got to chat with him. After his graduation in computer science and engineering, he had moved to Dubai in search of a job and finally landed in one of the IT giants. Typically, the IT job – if you are a developer, you have to work under tight schedules as the company has to deliver the product / service on time. While the company signs the contract with their clients at a lower rate than others in the same area, it is the developer or the team behind development who has to satisfy the client. Whether you are in designing / development / testing, you have to be punctual or else you are fired from the position. Sometimes it happens without looking into the credibility too. You may rethink about your sincerity on the work assigned – whether to work overtime even if you are not paid. The same happened with this fellow too. He worked continuously for a long time everyday – that was his commitment towards the work. He was the same during the studies. But when the limits crossed the threshold, there was no option left other than to leave the company. Now, I would say that leaving the company is not at all harmful or a threat to life. At the same time, you make sure that you have another boat to sail through the life. He is searching for a job for which he is confident that he can get one through with his experience in the field. But he was talking about the patience and focus we need to have while you are in tender hooks without any job.

Patience in Career  Development – how develop confidence

Confidence alone helps you to conquer such situations. As a student, when you take up responsibilities – be it any event in the department or as a project leader or a class leader or any activity initiated by you, it helps to you build confidence. You have to jump into the sea in order to gain mastery in swimming. When you have five subjects to learn and project to be implemented with an activity in the department, you have the situations to assess your threshold of keeping focus without losing the patience or vice versa. Most of the students who work in group face similar situations. Sometimes, you are loaded with what others in your group are expected to do. I would say – do it. Take it up so that you have a chance to experience such situations which are always stepping stones in your life and and career. The reason is that, learning never ends with the class room education. Ph.D or Post Graduation or Graduation is not the end of career. Whether you work in a team or as an individual, all these situations arise in life. Without holding any responsibilities during your school / college days, it is easy to experience these situations and see yourself how you react, respond in adverse situations.Primarily, I wanted to make emphasis on the graduation / college days to develop your personality and individuality.

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