Online Teaching Jobs after M Tech

Online Teaching Jobs after M Tech

Online Teaching Jobs after M Tech

Online teaching jobs after M Tech is gathering a good momentum in a time where the teaching jobs after M Tech are getting saturated in engineering colleges in the private sector.  This job profile may not be fully online teaching, but getting involved in the course development itself. One of the main reasons is that the number of passing out students after M Tech is much more than the demand for the faculty position. We have to see the other possible opportunities an M Tech student can have in this scenario. Few organizations like iNurture Solutions, uFaber etc. do a good job by imparting training through online classes. Study materials are available online. Evaluations are also online. This is good for somebody who wishes to take a degree by studying part time, without attending the classes physically.

A career after M Tech for you in the field of online teaching jobs is promising if you have a good communication skills, technical aptitude and some passion for teaching. It is possible that you will end up with a good job for future.

The companies that recruit students for online teaching jobs after M Tech is fast growing in India, because of the increase in start-up culture. They are mostly specializing in personalized training with latest technologies and high quality educational content. Good quality companies are headed by passed out IITians with over 10 years of experience in education. They try to maintain largest course catalogues across languages, entrance exams and skill enhancement subjects. In an average, the good companies in this area may currently have over 1000 hours of quality video content and a user base of 50000 + students.

With an aim for educational inclusion- overcoming the geographical boundaries which restrict the access to quality education and training, the reach is increasing everyday. The training is done through interactive videos, accessible via web or an app. These videos are complemented by the mentorship program, where each student is assigned a mentor for a personalised assistance, who assists the candidates with doubt clearance, questions and resolving queries. The content for every program is created in-house by trainers and industry experts. Here is the place where you as an M Tech graduate will have to play a vital role. The video content is customized based on the need of the students. In a growth stage start-up you would be often surprised to know how much and how fast you can work.

Key responsibilities in the online teaching jobs after M Tech

Design and propose a curriculum for a course – you may have to do a good research on the topics, latest trends and applications in your area of interest, what other universities teach and some basic syllabus content for the development. This is one of the requirements in online teaching jobs after M Tech.  This is very important in the private sector as they have the freedom to change the curriculum as per the needs.

After getting some experience and exposure in this area, you would want to do a formal research on the course content, delivery, etc. These may be proposed by the new comers and with a good experience, you should be able to drive a team after you gain some experience in online teaching jobs after M Tech.

You will get ample opportunities to interact with the industry, if you seek to pursue your career in online teaching jobs after M Tech.  The reason is that the course content can be developed only after going through the industrial needs. You would want to adopt the expectations from the industry in the course delivery. Soft Skills, technical training etc can be easily understood through these interactions.  It also helps you to get internship possibilities through interaction. In this process, you also get to understand the emerging technologies so that the syllabus and curriculum can be designed accordingly.

Another job profile in the area of online teaching jobs after M Tech is serving as an Assistant professor in an organization with all the responsibilities handled by persons with similar designation in the universities.

Responsibilities in online teaching jobs after M Tech

  • To ensure that all the faculties stick on to the time line prescribed by the university
  • To ensure that the university standards are maintained in the coverage of course content
  • Conduct the faculty development programmes like training/ workshops/ certification
  • Match the course objectives with the learning outcome – expected and actual
  • Conduct of examination and analysis of the results.
  • Knowledge Improvement Program – for the faculty
  • Innovation & Development – for course content development, teaching methodologies.
  • Solving the academic issues in coordination with related departments
  • Ensure that the course delivery is on time without losing the efficiency and performance.
  • Plan, design, develop high quality video based training programs. This is mainly for the for students across the country, focusing for GATE examination.
  • Hold training sessions on innovative methods in teaching.
  • Student assessment and progression
  • Mentor the interns and trainees.
  • Promote interactive sessions.

Here are some of the skills required to apply for online teaching jobs after M Tech

  • Strong in presentation & communication skills.
  • Good Interpersonal & Coordination among the team and peers.
  • Ability to plan & execute the tasks as per the prescribed time frame.
  • Should have taught and robust knowledge on relevant technologies (as per your M Tech specialisation)
  • Grasping power in learning new technologies.
  • Skill to explain complex topics to novices in a simplified way.
  • Educate others with passion
  • Take up new challenges – especially teach courses to those who have passion to learn, but lack fundamental knowledge.
  • Change your domain and adapt to it based on the needs of the industry.

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