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M Tech VLSI Design is has been in the academics and research for very long time.  This is a promising branch in electronics and communication engineering subject. With the emerging technologies and growth in the digital sector, an M.Tech VLSI design promises a guaranteed, bright future.

M Tech VLSI combined with Embedded Systems two-year master’s programme is primarily for engineering graduates interested in the present and expanding area of VLSI circuit design.  This is to equip students with in-depth knowledge of latest and emerging technologies and to impart the skills required to apply this knowledge in the design and development of VLSI systems. M Tech VLSI is also to prepare students for leading edge positions in industry in the areas of VLSI and Embedded Systems.

Most of the institution, in their programme curriculum is cover (i) VLSI system design: Hardware description Languages, System Architectures, Physical designs, Verification techniques, Simulation & Synthesis, Low power design techniques, Mixed mode design methodologies (ii) Embedded System Design: Advanced Embedded Microcontrollers, Real Time Embedded Systems, Advanced Embedded System Design and System On Chip.

The current technological advances in the area of VLSI have facilitated communication systems to be more compact, highly reliable and operate at high speeds. These technological advances naturally create the demand for skilled engineers with god theoretical background, who can contribute to designing miniature, high speed, reliable and high performance systems. Testing of these systems are also very important. This in turn urges for an urgent requirement to produce quality communication system engineers who can conceive, design, develop and test the VLSI and Embedded Systems.

On successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to: design, develop and prototype VLSI systems, apply verification, design-for-test techniques to IC designs for testable designs and high yield, Use Hardware Description Languages to design cores and standalone logic.


In most of the institutions, M.Tech VLSI Design covers the electronics fundamentals and the engineering aspect of designing, developing and testing of IC based systems. If you trace back, VLSI technology was emerged as a successful integration of two main streams in engineering: first is the material science and other is electrical engineering. In the state of the art VLSI technology, it is essential to have a good research base in physical devices as well as novel design and development of electrical circuit. Most of the M.Tech VLSI programmes focuses on developing hands-on skill of designing of semiconductor devices and circuits, architecting systems using embedded components such as, CPU, memory and peripherals. In most of the curriculum offered by IIT like institutions, students are trained in several topics that cut across different domain, starting from fundamental level of physical devices to the top level of application design, testing and development.

Benefits of the Program

There has been tremendous technological advancements in the communication systems in the recent period. The migration of communication from analogue system, tools and techniques to digital communication systems has opened up wide horizon of applications in business, entertainment and commerce. With the emergence of mobile technologies, there are a lot of application areas where the concepts can be applied. Modern sophisticated communication systems include analogue multiplexers, optical-fibre links, digital routers, digital signal processing, and large-scale user-application software tools.  With the increase in the integration of communication systems in the automobiles, there has been a great increase in the demand for VLSI graduates.

It has been already proved that the integration of such systems has enabled the rapid technological expansion in applications of internet, mobile communications, e-commerce, and home shopping. Currently, e-commerce rules the market when compared with the physical retail stores. Engineers with good based on communication technology, who possess up-to-date skills are among the most sought after engineering graduates in the communication industry.

M.Tech VLSI programme is beneficial to develop your skills in communication technologies, for successful careers in industry includes both Indian and Multinational companies. M.Tech VLSI program helps to train you with good scientific and engineering breadth, including proficiency in software language and use of latest software tools so as to comprehend, analyse, design and create novel products and solution for the real life problems.

M.Tech VLSI is a career focused program that is much sought after by engineering graduates for its excellent career prospects. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at top notch colleges in India enables students to work in state of the art labs equipped with cutting edge equipment in the areas of analogue circuits, digital systems, communications, microprocessors, computer programming, matlab, microwaves, PCB and power electronics.  Most of the colleges now have funded research projects in the area of VLSI Design.

Internship for M.Tech VLSI

In case of any post graduate student, internships during summer is not a requirement for the completion of the degree. But students are still encouraged to do an internship to gain industry experience. This is very much essential from the recruitment point of view. To facilitate internships, most of the institutes make arrangements with the best companies to host interns from this program.

Companies like Intel, Nokia, Juniper Systems etc. do partner with the M Tech VLSI program offered by various private institutions. Most of them offer some high-end industry-oriented courses, opportunities for internship at ST, joint guidance of some thesis, etc. which is most advantageous for the students.