M Tech Job Opportunities

m tech job opportunities

M Tech Job Opportunities

M Tech Job Opportunities are getting limited in the industry with the culture of startups recruiting graduates for IT jobs. There are a lot of students joining M.Tech programme after UGC made it mandatory to have post graduation in M.Tech for a teaching job. There is a confusion among a category of students on career after M.Tech. Career opportunities after M.Tech is very important for an M.Tech student. The most confusing fact is whether to go for teaching or to the industry or do research. When the UGC made it mandatory to have an M.Tech to get a job as lecturer or assistant professor, a large number of graduates started joining for M.Tech looking for the best career after M.Tech.

M Tech Job Opportunities

  1. If you have already completed M.Tech, my suggestion would be to search for a job in education sector. It can be either as a teacher or as a Research Scholar with teaching and research
  2. If you are about to complete M.Tech, the important thing is to do an excellent project in the final semester. It must be challenging project done in a specific domain that would help you to get a good job either in the industry or in academia. Academia means job under research centers. It may not involve teaching.
  3. There are so many organizations that employ post graduates in their research and development wing. Government organizations like BARC, ISRO, NTPC etc. need post graduates for research and development.

If you have above average communication skills, it is easy to get a job in the institution where you did M.Tech. In most of the governmental institutions like IIT, IIIT, NIT, there are professors who undertake centrally funded projects. Hunting for a research center and getting a job in such centers would be the best option after M.Tech.

M Tech Job Opportunity : Teaching career after M Tech

If you are not confident in teaching, better not to proceed with it. There are numerous post graduates with M.Tech in teaching profession who never get either into research or updating their knowledge at least for the benefit of the students. Teachers who have completed M.Tech are advised to do research in their interested domain so that the students whom they teach also get into research. If you feel that you don’t have the skills to teach engineering subjects, you still can develop those skills by teaching graduate students. The second year students are the best for this purpose because, the second year students are usually a bit demanding. Usually undergraduate students ask good questions. It helps you to gather more knowledge, think from their level and based on their doubts, learn the teaching methodologies and try out new approaches.

Teaching must be out of passion

How far you can go down to student’s level for making them understand the subject you teach, create interest on the topics among them? Your passion towards teaching depends on creating the interest among the good students who doesn’t have fundamental knowledge of the subject. While reading this post, if you are still a student doing M Tech, I would further advice to attend workshops in other good colleges. Attend seminars and conferences. You will then get to know about the presentation skills, communication, conveying the ideas, more examples to teach and of course – the body language. Even if the presenter is bad, you will at least learn “bad or wrong ways in presentation”. There are several ways in which you can convey the topics to the students. One of the most used way is the presentation with less text and more image content. Read More

Industrial career after M Tech

M Tech graduates get hardly placed in core companies. This is often the situation in average colleges. The reason is that since there are a lot of B Tech passing out every year and companies may not be interested in recruiting M.Tech students. If you are keen in joining industry after M.Tech, you should focus more in gaining expertise in the domain you are interested. An internship during the vacation helps you to get an exposure in the work environment. It is always better to get maximum technical knowledge through projects and internships. Attending conferences, workshops helps career growth. Depending on the performance, most of the companies will make you permanent in the organization. Paper publication in conferences or journals help to get benefit in the teaching career after M Tech. It helps you to make your resume more worth.

Research career after M Tech

M Tech Job Opportunities are growing with the growth in the funded projects initiated by the government. There are a lot of research centers in central, state and private universities that offer M.Tech in different specializations. They offer research as one of the M Tech job opportunities. What is the use of doing research? The advantage is that you become more and more focused in one particular domain. The skills increases with the practical knowledge. This will definitely help you to earn a Ph.D. To continue with Ph.D, it is better to do the same under the professor who is the PI for the research project. Do a substantial contribution to the project so that you can expand and get more job opportunities for the growth of career. Read more

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