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M Tech in Mechanical Engineering

M Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering being a diverse engineering discipline, B.Tech / BE graduates in mechanical engineering has a lot of career opportunities after M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Most of the M.Tech programmes offered in India follow credit based curriculum. The study of mechanical engineering involves design, development, planning, manufacturing of machines, devices and all the physical objects. A B.Tech / BE graduate in mechanical engineering has ample opportunities to choose from automobiles, machines, aircraft, spacecraft, engines, power plants, refrigeration and cooling systems and so on.
Three are three broad fields of applied mechanics and engineering design, thermal sciences and energy systems, and manufacturing processes and systems.

Research areas include

Bond graph
Computer Aided Design techniques
Computer Aided Manufacturing
Flexible Manufacturing Systems and Robotics
Intelligent Machines and Systems
Solid Modelling and Computer Graphics
Application of Neural Networks
Systems Dynamic Simulation
Precision Engineering
Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems
Combustion Modelling and Jet Impingement
Heat Transfer

M.Tech specializations offered by IITs in India:

IIT Madras

DESIGN – MDS – Machine Design Section

MES – Manufacturing Engineering Section
PEIL – Precision Engineering & Instrumentation Laboratory

HTTP – Heat Transfer and Thermal Power Laboratory
HTML – Hydro Turbo Machines Laboratory
ICE – Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory
R&AC – Refrigeration and Airconditioning Laboratory
TTML – Thermal Turbo Machines Laboratory
TDCE – Thermodynamics and Combustion Engines Laboratory

IIT Delhi

Mechanical Design
Industrial Engineering
Production Engineering
Thermal Engineering
M.S. (Research)

IIT Guwahati

Fluids and Thermal Engineering
Machine Design
Computer Assisted Manufacturing
Computational Mechanics
Aerodynamics and Propulsion

IIT Mumbai

Thermal and Fluids Engineering
Design Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering

IIT Kharagpur

Manufacturing Science & Engg.
Thermal Science and Engg.
Mechanical Systems Design
Mechanical Systems Dynamics & Control

IIT Kanpur

Solid Mechanics and Design
Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences
Manufacturing Science

IIT Roorkee

Machine Design
Engineering Production & Industrial Systems Engg.
Thermal Engineering
Welding Engineering
CAM & Robotics

IIT Mandi

Energy Materials

IIT Gandhinagar

Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Science and Engineering
Dynamics and Control
Solid Mechanics

IIT Bhuhaneshwar

Mechanical Systems Design
Thermal Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

IIT Jodhpur

Energy Sciences

IIT Hyderabad

Mechanics and Design
Integrated Design and Manufacturing Engineering
Fluid Energy Systems

IIT Patna

Nano Science & Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering