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M Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering

M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the most preferred M Tech branches in India. While this is true, other branches too have the same or equal chances of getting jobs as well as higher education prospects. After completing the B Tech in Electronics, there are a wide range of opportunities for a bright career after M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. With the tremendous growth of communication systems and technologies in recent times, there are large number of M.Tech specializations offered by premier institutions in India. The technological development has also lead to create more job opportunities for electronics graduates. VLSI is the one of the most preferred specialization by electronics and communication graduates.

With the growth of mobile consumer electronic market, scope is high for getting a good profile job in the industry. If you wish to pursue a teaching career after M.Tech in any branch of electronics, VLSI is also a good option. Later in teaching profession, it is possible to select a topic and do a research. Chip design is one of the hot areas where the VLSI people can get a job. With the growth of wireless networks, telecommunication, networking, etc., choosing a focused area for research or for a job is not that complicated. Consumer electronics have become a necessity of life and is the part of everyday life. Read more on M Tech VLSI for your bright career after M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering – Specializations

VLSI System Design

The technological developments in the VLSI sector has lead to develop highly reliable data delivery in very less time. Application specific integrated circuits are also being designed and developed with the help of the advanced technology. After M.Tech, students get placed in the core electronic companies like Sasken, Intel, IBM, Philips, etc. who have a good share in the consumer electronics segment. Learn more about M Tech VLSI.

Advanced Communication Systems

There are many scopes students of ECE in M.Tech can get work with fields like embedded systems, the telecom industry, and microprocessor manufacturers like Intel. The DRDO, VSSC and BHEL are some organizations that take in students of Electronics and Communication for research and academic jobs.

Communication & IT

Electronics is closely related with information technology and computer engineering. This specialization gives equal importance for information technology as well as electronics. It is basically the integration of both these disciplines. The focus of this area is on the information and communication technology where there is a requirement of products that can be used to educate a layman. E-leaning technologies, products like tablets or interactive electronic kiosks where anyone can communicate without having a basic knowledge on both these areas. This also involves computer network management, telecommunication software, etc.

Embedded Systems

For any consumer electronic device to work intelligently, it requires a part where a decision can be taken based on certain conditions. In the case of an air conditioner, there is some mechanism to sense the room temperature and power off / shut down the air conditioner in case if the room temperature goes less than what is set. Some kind of programming knowledge is an advantage for those who wish to build the career in embedded systems.


Needless to state, robots are now present in most of the areas like health care, military, automotive industry, etc. An electronics engineer having a mindset to be part of robotics can choose M.Tech Robotics to flourish the career. There are lot of ongoing research and good opportunities are available in the industry as well as in the academia. Being an interdisciplinary specialization, it requires a fair knowledge of information technology and electrical engineering. Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in building of robots.

Signal processing

One of the important and hot areas of the current era. Everywhere around us, there is at least one signal being processed – mobile communication. The role is to interpret the signals in a device and deliver the information to the user. Mobile and wireless communication becoming popular and used widely all over the universe, signal processing has a good scope in the communication industry.

Wireless Communication

With tremendous growth in the wireless and mobile sector, there has been a considerable increase in the number of students opting for wireless communication in M.Tech. While this requires a good base in the communication subjects, it also requires a fair knowledge on programming too. Here also, the communication has to merge with the information technology to make it a complete specialization.

Electronics Design & Technology

This is mostly a research oriented domain covering the Network communication, Power Conversion & Drives, Instrumentation, VLSI Design, etc. Whether it is in the public or private sector, the successful students can work in telecommunication, hardware or software industry, automation or instrumentation industry.

Microelectronics & VLSI Design

Being the sub domain of electronics, this is mostly concerned with the manufacturing and study of small nano type design of electronic components like semi-conductor materials, transistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. Large electronics and computer manufacturing companies like IBM do research and development in the area of microelectronics.

Telecommunication Engineering

This is an interdisciplinary area with an integration of computer science, electrical as well as electronics, mostly focused on the area of telecommunications. The type of work is basically to design the circuits. Graduates in this area are expected to design and supervise the installation of telecom equipment, facilities and devices, switching systems, etc. This includes the fiber optics for the communication, telephone as well as broadcasting of the information.

Some of the other areas in M Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering:

• Digital System
• Electronic Instrumentation
• Nanotechnology

M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering branches offered by leading universities in India

Aerospace Technology
Applied Electronics
Automotive Engineering
Aviation Technology
Biometrics and Cyber Security
Biomedical Engineering
Coastal Management
Communication & Networking
Communication Engineering
Communication Systems
Communications and Signal Processing
Computer and Communication
Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Knowledge Engineering and Computational Linguistics
Computer Technology
Control & Automation
Control & Instrumentation Engineering
Control and Computing
Control Systems
Digital Communication & Network Engineering
Electrical Drives and Embedded Controls
Electrical Engineering (Research Areas: Microelectronics, Signal Processing, Fiber Optics, Power Systems, Control Systems,
Electrical Machines
Electronic Systems
Electronics Engineering
Embedded and Real Time System
Embedded System Technologies
Information Technology
Instrumentation Engineering
Integrated Electronics & Circuits
Laser & Electro Optical Engineering
Mainframe Technology
Medical Electronics
Micro Electronics and VLSI Design
Mobile & Pervasive Computing
Multimedia Technology
Network Engineering
Optical Communication
Pervasive Computing Technologies
Power Electronics, Electrical Machines & Drives
Power and Control
Power Electronics & Drives
Power Electronics & Power Systems
Power Systems
Power Systems & Drives
Power Systems and Power Electronics
R.F. & Microwave Engineering
Remote Sensing
RF and Microwave Engineering
RF, Microwaves and Photonics
Satellite Technology
Signal Processing
Signal Processing, Communications and Networks
Space Science & Engineering
Systems and Control
Telecommunication Systems Engineering
Visual Information and Embedded Systems Engineering
VLSI Design
Web and Mobile Technology
Wireless Communication

M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering – Job Sectors

Research and Development in Government / Private Sectors – After M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, you can do the research and development in government as well as private sectors. For example, organizations like ISRO, DRDO etc have openings in the funded projects. Institutions like IIT, NIT etc. also take up funded projects which offer jobs for the M Tech graduates.

Engineering and Technology Products – both in Government and Private sectors. Private sector companies like CISCO, Intel, HP, Asus, AMD producing the chips, other networking companies hire M.Tech graduates. But one has to be competent enough to be part of such a company.

IT Services – If you feel that that your competency is in the IT Service sector, you can opt for a service company in the electronics industry.

Teaching is yet another option for M.Tech graduates –  Teaching after M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the options for those who have passion in teaching. As the time goes, the chances are bleak for a teaching career after M Tech.