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M Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering

M tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering

M Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering has gained demand in India, with the acute demand for the power growing every day, demand for electrical engineers is also growing day by day. Where ever we look, there is not a single device in the everyday life that doesn’t use power. Now, solar energy generation is growing with a good pace. There is good demand for B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering branch in India too. Unfortunately, the tendency among the students is to get into information technology companies after their graduation.  This makes them leave the core electrical background to code testing / software development or similar IT jobs.  The main objectives of electrical and electronics engineers is to get involved in innovation / research in the field of power generation / manufacturing of equipment,   etc.  Just like any other product, this too has the design phase, development phase, testing, etc.  Manufacturing of power generators which are widely used in the industry need good engineers for its efficient development. Electrical engineers are also involved in the design of electronic equipment and devices too.  From common man’s point of view, for the electrical wiring of a huge building needs good expertise so that the design is efficient enough to carry the power without any wastage.  Electrical engineers can also play a vital role in the manufacturing of vehicles in the automotive industry.  Apart from automotive, they have ample opportunities to work with robotics, aviation industry.  Electrifying an aircraft is not an easy job. It requires a good knowledge of the electrical engineering domain.  To manufacture electrical motors used for the domestic purposes, those in the consumer electronics also needs the help from the electrical engineers. Control systems, instrumentation that has been playing a critical role in the healthcare sector has also created a demand for the electrical engineers. Any electronic device manufacturing company will need an electrical engineer to develop a complete product. This is one of the branches where there is equal importance given in both the academia as well as the industrial sector.

The role of an electrical engineer depends on the passion in the field. While some are good in designing a good electrical solution for a given problem, there are others to implement it efficiently and effectively. An electrical engineer has to know his/her taste and get groomed at the time of graduation itself. There are some student who can debug a system or test a system properly from different viewpoints.  They can play a good lead in the testing of these devices.  An electrical car is such a good example.  Control devices used in the health care industry requires a good amount of testing where the data output is critical.  Development of Robotics in almost all the sectors now a days has opened up a new horizon for the electrical engineering graduates.

As far as the power sector is concerned, it requires generation as well as distribution of powers where electrical engineers play a key role.  It requires a good understanding of the process of generation, effective way of distribution, etc.
As per the statement from the Rolls Royce Company says that electrical engineers can work in the aerospace industry to design the complicated interface to transfer the electricity from engine to aircraft. This includes all the power systems in the aircraft.
Electrical engineers also has chances in power and safety measures implementation in any organization like oil and gas industries, petroleum industries, etc.

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