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How to succeed in JEE Mains


JEE (Main) is changing from a ‘break it or make it’ single mode to twin sessions in January and April. What does it augur for you? How does this impact your preparation strategy? 

Understand how to succeed in JEE Mains

How to succeed in JEE Mains depends on how you prepare yourself for the JEE Mains examination. The National Testing Agency is all set to conduct JEE (Main) in two sessions in January and April 2020. So, candidates will get two chances to appear in one academic year that helps them to improve their marks if the performance is not satisfactory in the first session. National Testing Agency is taking over the JEE Mains reins from CBSE. NTA has brought up a major change in the mode of the exam after taking it from CBSE. It is now be a computer-based test and it is the only mode to attend JEE Mains. There were two modes till last year, giving some candidates to opt for paper and pencil option to attend the examination. 

How to succeed in JEE Mains will also depend on your performance in the two sessions of the examination. Candidates shall attend either of the sessions to get qualified. It enables them to try their chance to get into the centrally funded institutions like IIT, IIIT, NIT, etc. The advantage is that the best one out of two score is considered for the ranking. While the score is valid for two years, the students who have passed the qualifying examination in 2018 are also eligible to attend JEE Mains 2020 and enter into the premier institutions of the country. There has been a change in application fees also. Visit

The entrance tests are conducted in 264 cities PAN India including nine cities abroad.

How to succeed in JEE Mains – New facilities for candidates 

At least 1.3 lakh common service centres are set up across the country to fill the application online, pay fees. upload documents, download admit card, and all these at a nominal fee. More than 3400 test practice centres have been setup in 622 districts in States, UTs to help students in their preparation. Mock Tests, Sample Papers are also available for candidates to download and practice. 

How to succeed in JEE Mains depends also on your learning of maximum possible lectures and topics. Content-based lectures by leading academicians are also uploaded on the NTA site to aid students with the concepts and understanding of the subjects. 

What’s at stake? 

Admissions to 31 National Institutes of Technology, 23 IITs and 22 Government funded institutions is through JEE (Main).This translates to 17967 seats in NITs, 4023 seats in IITs and 4683 seats in other centrally funded institutions. 

Pranav Goyal, AIR 4, JEE (Main) 2018 The exam becoming completely a computer-based test will initially affect the preparation of the aspirants. But it is an essential experience as the world is shifting towards online exams. So, in the long run, it is crucial

To ensure that no candidate is at a disadvantage. normalization of marks will be enforced for the purpose of ranking. Students are ranked on the basis of their percentile scores which is calculated as per a predetermined formula.

How to succeed JEE Mains – Success Mantras

  1. An early start will give better results. Make sure that all the topics are covered thoroughly on time.
  2. Relentless practice helps in analysing strengths and weakness to accurately gauge the level of preparation. Keep solving as many past papers as possible to make yourself sharp in the given topic.
  3. Keep a fast pace, but in a consistent way: Keep revising the topics in a faster pace without losing the consistency and without skipping the topics.
  4. Books are your friends and distraction is your enemy during this period. Success will come to you once you know the books which are best for study and gather as much information from them as possible. Practice shall be continuous without stop. For example, mathematics cannot be learned by buying best book, instead only by practice.
  5. Do not get distracted during the examination and learning sessions. It is very important to keep your focus on studies until the examination.
  6. Learn Time Management: Practice Computer Based Test as much as possible to manage time from best of your ability. This will help you to resolve the problems during the examination and avoid the wastage of time. 
  7. Do not leave a single doubt: You have to ensure that all the doubts are cleared by the exam date. Doubts shall be clarified through discussions with your friends, teachers or from any other source. 
  8. If you are unable to solve any question or a problem during the examination remain calm instead of becoming panic. Solve/answer all the questions that you know well.
  9. Be well-versed with the pattern of the examination so that you can face it accordingly.
  10. Do not start solving the question straightway. Read the questions carefully and you might just crack a problem through the elimination process.
  11. Making a note of important formulas and theorem comes handy while solving numerical based questions in Mathematics and Physics. This also helps to quickly revise all important theorems and formulas.
  12. Don’t forget to take short breaks in between. These breaks will help you refresh your mind and increase your concentration level.
  13. When preparing for an entrance exam of such a level, it is essential to maintain a completely healthy and balanced diet.

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