How to get Internship ?

How to get internship

How to get internship?

Internship – Most of the students raise this question – How to get internship? I see a lot of questions in Quora also asking how to get internships? In this internet age, it is quite easy to find the best internship for you with a small research.

To improve your professional skills, it is always good to undergo internship. All that said, how to get internship? One of the best ways to search for internship, is to be part of There are a lot of groups and companies where you can see the requirements of interns.  You may even see alumni in this professional social networking site.  There are a few things you should practice and understand before joining the internship. It is not about how to get internship – it is more important that you have to choose the right internship for you.  It is to be viewed seriously because, getting internship is always a pre-placement type of activity. It not only helps you to get into right company, but also enables and equips you to cope up with the new, professional environment. You have to take the initial struggle as a challenge and stepping stones towards a bright future in your career.


Now, most of the companies invite the resume online. You may have to fill the application or resume online or send the resume by email.  You should start communicating professionally during your course so that it helps you to communicate well with the companies you plan to do internship.

Find out right organization for you

Before applying for internship, you should do a good research in the internet about the best companies based on your area of interest. Most of the companies now a days have a link called “Careers” in their website. With your communication skills, if you are able to impress the HR in the respective organization, it is easy for you to find a place for internship. The best internship is always that which gives you excellent exposure in the relevant industry. Social Media if used properly, may be taken as the best means to find the right internship.

Projects and experiments at College

To make your resume attractive while applying for internship, it is very much important to have sufficient, impressive content apart from the academic qualification.  To develop practical skills in the subjects you learn in classes, it is essential to do the experiments by yourself during the course. Now-a-days, you can easily get tutorials / guidelines or helping and supporting materials in the internet for any branch of study. Try to do online courses to enhance and improve your knowledge. Doing projects before the second year of your degree itself helps a lot to acquire practical skills essential to get best internship in the industry.

Life Skills you developed

Leadership skills, time management skills, team work skills, etc. are very important from an industrial career point of view.  It is 99.99% sure that your initial stages could be quite challenging. This may be either during the internship period or after you get placed.  When you are in the college, you should develop these skills through activities in the campus. It could be arts, literary, sports, workshops, etc. The best you can do is to teach your juniors. In one months’ time, you can come out of stage fear, gain confidence and you can be sure that you can talk in front of quite a number of people.

Paid internships

Given a choice, which internship will you choose?  Well, it has to be answered case to case. If you are the person that is benefited, don’t look for anything else, take it up even if it is an unpaid internship. On the other hand, if you are confident enough that you are skilled enough for the company, you can definitely demand for stipend. Usually, now-a-days most of the companies pay for internship. There are lot of websites that offer you internships in India. They are like intermediaries or middlemen to help you getting internships in any organization.  But it is always better to approach the company directly. If you have a placement cell in the college, then there is no doubt, you should choose that option to get an internship.

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