How to Find Internship

How to find internship?

How to find internship?

How to find internship? First hand, you can do a search in google based on location to find out the companies and organizations related with your career. Searching in the local pages, news articles, regional website and performing other searches on Google Maps or Yahoo Yellow Pages can also help you locate organizations to contact.

How to find internship? – Network with the alumni from your institution, who are located in India and abroad. It is easy to do this with the help of your placement cell or any external website or a group managed by the alumni. It need not be fully official.

It is possible to do an internship for a specific duration? Can I negotiate the dates for start and end?

Depending on the employer, they may be flexible with you in terms of the duration of your internship, while others may have strict requirements. If you have other commitments during the summer that may conflict with participating in a summer internship, consider a short-term project, working for a temp agency, or finding some other short-term jobs.

What is an internship?

An internship shall be taken as a pre-professional experience which can provide you exposure, training, and mentorship in your career field. Most of the individual internships may vary in terms of duration. For example, many students intern during the summer or long vacation, when it is possible to work full-time, while there are some students intern during the course itself on a part-time basis. Internships can be paid or unpaid, and sometimes offer academic credit.  There are some internships which you can work from college itself. It is mostly based on the deadlines.

Difference between an internship and a summer and part-time job?

When compared with a part-time-job, a summer internship helps you to gain a wide range of skills and professional experience. There are career related skills and life skills to be learned. All these are essential for a professional environment.  These include teamwork, communication, organization, etc. Part-time jobs are always paid, but internship need not be.

Learning experiences from internship

  1. There are co-curricular programmes which are very much similar internships. It may be to work as a teaching assistant or tutorial assistant. While they are directly related to your course of study, the are paid also. In an engineering profession, after doing the masters or while doing masters, it is possible to do such part-time work, that will help you to get teamwork, communication kind of skills. You start managing your time, etc. In India, most of the universities offer this “TA” programme. It is associated with the scholarship issued by the government.
  2. Externship or Shadow Programs. These programs provide experiences that allow you to spend between a day and several weeks observing a professional on the job. You gain an overview of a specific career field and get a taste of the activities in the day of a particular professional.
  3. Volunteer/Community Service/Service Learning: You can find these in most of the colleges / universities in India. Though these are generally unpaid work or service experiences in the human services or nonprofit sector, there is a larger learning component in these. You will have to deal with several situations which you may not “like”. There are some institutions that do this as part of curriculum by offering credits.
  4. Fellowships: This is usually at the master’s or further higher level of education. These types of opportunities allow students to receive income and do work in a particular area such as public policy, the arts, or education, and are sponsored by specific organizations or agencies. Most of the government agencies like DST, DBT, etc. offer these type of fellowship.

Importance of internship

Internships help you:

  • reinforce academic and career objectives – you can even take a decision on whether to shift the focus from your area of interest.
  • experience and cultivate personal values related to work – these are highly required soft skills to earn a good position as you grow
  • identify the skills you need to enter a given field – best way to find out weakness
  • gain practical work experience in your field of interest to balance the classroom training
  • get an edge in the competitive job market over those individuals with no relevant work experience.

When is the best time to look for an internship?

In the Indian scenario, the earlier the better. From engineering perspective, it is better to hunt for an internship from second year. The reason is that placement happens after the third year. The subjects in the second and third year helps you to correlate the skills you learned from the internship tenure. Some internship programs have deadlines set during summer internships. So, you may lose classes in the following semester. However, winter quarter is generally a good time to begin your search for a summer internship. If you are looking for an internship during the academic year, a good time to start might be one quarter before your anticipated start time.

When is it too late to find an internship?

The sooner, the better!  Experience from internship is always an asset in your career. Depending on your specific requirements, it may never be too late. However, don’t take this as a sign to wait until the last minute. Some companies set deadlines for applying as well as to complete the internship. Many employers post their internships with the placement cell of the college as their needs arise and may not post them until late in the school year.

What if I can’t afford to take an unpaid internship?

The objective of the internship is to learn and experience. It is the best ways in which you can imbibe lot of soft skills. So, you should not demand for the stipend if the company is good enough to give you exposure.

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