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Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi

Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi

Why study Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi? I am pretty sure you have used a mobile phone at least once in your life, and you’re probably reading this on a computer. We don’t build these, we built these and now we create next big thing.
In IIT Delhi’s Engineering Physics program, we focus on Nanotechnology and Photonics, both emerging technologies. We use equipment like LASERs and create thin films, with thickness of ~100 nanometers. We study Physics, in both, its purest form, as well as when applied, and take on the universe, trying to harness the secrets it holds for the betterment of human lives. We also have faculty working in inter-disciplinary fields like biophysics, green optics, and material processing and fabrication, as well as theoretical physicists working in fields like Quantum Computing. However, the research focus of our institute is on optics, photonics, spintronics and solid-state mechanics. Multiple laboratories carrying equipment worth multiple million dollars each work in tandem to reveal the secrets of the universe each day, while the Physics department boasts of one of the most modern and well-equipped facilities in the institute: The Nanoscale Research Facility (NRF).

Join Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi if you:

  • are intrigued by modern physics, optics, and electrodynamics;
  • have a good hold in mathematics and can quantitively analyze problems.

Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi offers

  • A chance to study the current gadgets, and how they work, and emerging fields like holography, dielectrics, and fiber optics;
  • Extensive understanding of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, both fields of extensive ongoing research;
  • Theoretical Study of some of the latest research papers in fields like Chromodynamics (remember your obsession with leptons, quarks, bosons etc.?);
  • Option to study theoretical or experimental courses to pursue a Masters or PhD in Physics later.

Till now you’ve studied topics like light, sound, electricity, motion in physics. The study of motion and machines becomes part of mechanical engineering, while electricity and electrical circuits comes under electrical engineering;

  • In Engineering Physics program, you also get introduced to new areas in physics like thin films and superconductors (which are very important in modern devices);
  • Simple topics like light will open into new areas like studying how lasers work or how fiber optics (that carry messages through light and are the basis of modern communication) work and what their applications are;

Don’t pick Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi if

  • You wish to study either Newtonian Mechanics (the stuff you studied in your 11th grade) or electrical circuits (though electrodynamics and fields and potentials are an important part of the course);
  • You wish to study Astrophysics or Cosmology (IIT Delhi does not engage in research in these areas), as you might be better off in IIT Kanpur or IISER Pune, the latter of which is held in high regard for astrophysics;
  • Weren’t intrigued by calculus or modern physics.

– Saksham Aggarwal and Aman Singal

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