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Choosing the right career

Choosing the right career

Choosing the right career for your bright future is one of the important decisions to be taken during your school days. It is the turning point in everyone’s life. In this age of internet, use the technology to choose the right career among the best available in the country. When I used to teach computer science courses, the first thing I would do is ask the students about their interest and why they chose “Engineering” career – especially computer science.  Unfortunately, the answers were quite unsatisfying.  Most of the students in the class joined engineering programme with the pressure from the parents or relatives.  In fact, courses should be selected based on your interest and mindset.  Before choosing the course, analyze yourself – direction of your thoughts, your deep inclination, and the topics of interest.  If your mindset has interest in multiple disciplines, better select a graduate specialization after an assessment.  For example, Mechanical Engineering has all the fundamental subjects in engineering, when compared with all other disciplines.  I have seen students ending up their career with IT industry, after doing their B.Tech / BE in Mechanical Engineering.  They are usually brilliant programmers or creative developers.

Best career in India

Truly speaking, an engineer’s life should not end with software development.  Software development is for those who complete computer science / application programmes like B.Sc. (CS), BCA, MCA, etc.  They are basically computer scientists and or computer application developers.  But not essentially engineers.  An engineer should be able to manufacture or assemble a computer by in his own.  He should have a good command over the latest technology and be updated in the field which he is employed.

Let me tell you, the number of years taken to graduate is less than 10% of your total life span. At the same time, it is the foundation for the entire life.  So, what ever you are in, you should be able to perform well.  Students get admitted into graduation irrespective of their choice or interest.  Finally what one can do is to perform well in the field of their respective graduation.  After graduation, you should be able to turn towards different dimensions in your area of interest.

How to choose your subject in graduation?

I would say that it completely depends on your interest.  Choosing the right career for your bright future is your right alone. It is your decision and it has to be your decision.
Parents think in such a way that which subject is easy to earn a job.  But mind you, it is equally difficult to maintain a job too.
You should at least have a minimum of three options to choose from.  Given a situation, you should be able to choose one of these or a combination among these.  For any subject you choose, there are job opportunities, but it depends on your performance at the end of the day.