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Career in Material Science Engineering

Career in Material Science Engineering

Career in Material Science Engineering is promising for the future, with the exploration of the other planets by space engineers. Material Science and Engineering is another branch of engineering closely related with the chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. It is a study of materials in relation with the extraction, structure, processing, testing and their properties. Any object we see in this universe is a combination of various materials formed through the processes having its own properties. In this regard, material science engineering also deals with the study of processes involved in altering of the materials. This field is an integration of Physics, Chemistry & Biology with their application on the materials involved in the development of technology, engineering and sciences.

A career in Material Science Engineering is to understand the behavior of material processes, their structure down to the atomic level.

The study of material sciences comprises of the solid matter and related materials to develop new materials with better properties than that of the existing ones. All these new materials when developed with superior priorities, it can be used in the devices that makes the human life faster. Initially in the beginning, material sciences were mostly concerned with stone, bronze, iron age. It was mostly related with the ceramic, metallurgical systems that was used to build the ancient buildings. Material sciences is closely related with the chemical processes as one material is transformed to another with the help of chemical process alone. Manufacturing industries required the material sciences experts. Same is the demand with the construction industries. With the recent impacts of climate change on the environment the development of eco-friendly materials has been the study of research for the material science engineers. All the materials used in the everyday life requires the brain of a material science engineer. At graduate level, they get a broad idea of the material sciences, their behavioral properties, processes and methods to transform them. But at the post graduate and higher levels, they need to specialize and narrow down their study in one area of materials – for example – material science engineering for aircraft or automobiles. Material scientists require a good knowledge on the effects of materials on environment. In today’s world, when human beings depend on the technology for most of the things to be carried out in the life, poses a threat to the environment. In this regard, the selection of materials plays a vital role to develop goods and products that are used as part of everyday life.

Even in health care, material science engineers play a critical role if it is necessary to put any material in the body part such as replacement of knees, manufacturing of stent, etc. Such materials change our life and productivity in life. Here, material science engineers need to select the best material or their combination to develop a new product.

What is necessary to learn material sciences?

At plus two level, you have to be thorough on Chemistry, Physics & Biology, Mathematics.

Career in Material Science Engineering – Job prospects

Design / Develop / process / Test / Manufacture various products ranging from computers, computer chips, communication devices, aircraft, materials for ship building, ceramics, metals, plastic and semi conductors and lot of other that facilitates the development of a new product. It also involves composites – an integration of materials. These materials are used in electrical, mechanical, electronic devices and their applications. A study of materials at atomic level is very much necessary to develop a new material. Specialization varies from steel and other metals, ceramics, polymers, glassware, fiber-optics for communications, etc. The best example – is of a mobile phone which gets heated because of the poor material being used to develop chips. Manufacturing sector being the key part of building any country’s economy, a material science engineer also needs to be cautious in choosing the best material which is cost effective too. Some of the sectors which are known for recruiting material science engineers are:

Chemical Engineering Products & Services
Consulting in manufacturing / production
Packaging Engineering
Petroleum industry
Polymer resins
Paper making, processing
Consumer Products
Mining industry
Marketing of materials
Industrial Gas

Some of the positions:

Mining Engineer: Planning / Managing / Executing the operations of a mining company. Design and selection of mining equipments
Material Consultant
Project Engineer
Design Engineer
Operations Engineer
Research & development
Production Engineer
Sales / Marketing

Post Graduate Degree

MS (from abroad) in one of the specialized branches of material sciences or M.Tech in India.

Private / Govt. Companies for Material Science Engineers

Jindal Steel
Steel Authority of India Limited
Cochin Shipyard
Automobile manufacturing industries
Larsen & Toubro
Tyre Manufacturing
Ceramic Industries
Paint manufacturing companies
Computer Chip Development
Semi Conductor industries