Career in Engineering

Career in engineering

Career in Engineering is promising because – Engineering is the art of organising the resources, controlling the forces and materials of nature for the benefit of the human race.

Career in engineering has been the first choice for most of the school students. An passionate student has a bright career in engineering in this era of scientific knowledge, technical and technological progress, information revolution and fast economic growth. More technical experts are need for the technological development in the country as the economy grows. This is one of the important reasons that make career in engineering and technology, a dream career for school students. Here are some of the prominent reasons to choose a career in engineering:

  • Choice of choosing a career in engineering is challenging and seen as an esteemed one. It provides you an opportunity to develop and exhibit your creative ideas into finished products or services.
  • You can easily start observing, analysing the situations around you with the mathematical and scientific knowledge gained from studies. Learning is also an intellectual development.
  • You have ample options to choose engineering branches based on your passion, interest and capabilities. It can be from petrochemicals to the artificial intelligent applications such as robotics, telecommunications, IT, etc.
  • Developing and crafting any engineering product or service involves teamwork and you get opportunity to work with designers, architects, doctors or entrepreneurs, and so on. You are surrounded by smart, inspiring people in your career in engineering profession.
  • It is also possible to do research in your career in engineering profession, in your passionate domain.

Career after Engineering graduation

It is your choice to decide whether to continue in engineering, or later manage finance, business, politics or do research and development. The discipline and career you develop as an engineering student will ground you throughout the life. It will give you the instincts to question, to seek explanations beyond the first impressions you get from the observations. It will raise the bar on intellectual satisfaction. In your career in engineering with the right kind of skill set, educational qualifications and experience, you will get lucrative salary packages with attractive perks in the Indian as well as the industry abroad. In India, the are some students who opt for M.Tech career, join foreign universities or join a company.

Career of a professional engineer of today’s technological world is not just limited to one expert domain. It is rather a multi-faceted individual whose knowledge is combined with a wide range of skills and experiences. An engineer is a combination of scientist, mathematician, sociologist who will apply the knowledge and technology to solve a problem faced by the society. You can switch to any domain with the career in engineering.

‘Engineering’ holds a prominent position in today’s world of fast developing technology, growing industrialisation and modernisation. It is clear that career in engineering is and will continue to remain one of the prospective professions unlike many other areas of specialisation.

Career in Engineering – What engineers do

An engineer is said to be “One who designs or develops engines, machinery or such devices. It can be a professional who manages a ship’s engine, one who constructs or manages defense works, one who designs or constructs public works, such as roads railways sewers, bridges, harbours, canals, etc. An engineer can also be a soldier of a division of an army called Engineers, concerned with entrenching, road making, and other constructive work. With the fast advancement of technology and science, an engineer shall have interdisciplinary skills. For example, a mechanical engineer should know about the computers and programming.

Career in Engineering & prospects

Engineers use or apply the principles and theories of science, engineering, and mathematics to solve any technical problem. The would also do research and development in various domains like manufacturing, sales, construction, inspection, and maintenance. Career in engineering technology is more limited in scope and more practical oriented than that of scientists. Primarily it is development of any product or service. Many engineering technologists assist engineers and scientists, especially in research and development. They may also get involved in quality control inspecting products and processes, conducting tests, or collecting data for analysis. In manufacturing, they may assist in product design, development, or production.

Engineering technologists who work in research and development would need to build or set up equipments. A career in engineering profession may demand preparing and conduct experiments, collect data for analysis, calculate or record results, and help engineers or scientists in other ways, such as making prototype versions of newly designed equipment. This is primarily to enhance the product with new features based on the user requirements and feedback.

They also assist in design work, often using computer-aided design (CAD) equipment. Most engineering technologists specialize in certain areas, learning skills and working in the same disciplines as engineers. Occupational titles, therefore, tend to reflect those of engineers.

More than ever, engineers are now required to have knowledge of relevant sciences for their design projects. As a result, they may keep on learning throughout their career. If multiple options exist, engineers weigh different design choices on their merits and choose the solution that best matches the requirements. The crucial and unique task of the engineer is to identify, understand, and interpret the constraints on a design in order to produce a successful result. It is usually not enough to build a technically successful product; it must also meet further requirements.

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