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Career in Computer Science and Engineering

Career in Computer Science and Engineering

Career in Computer Science and Engineering is promising if you are ready to play with data and take up challenges. Computer Science Engineering is one of the high demanding engineering branches in both at graduate as well as post graduate levels. With an excellent growth in information technology field, computer science & engineering promises best job in the industry. Applications of computing in the area of health care, humanitarian reliefs, automobiles and all other industries, connected with internet is now emerging as one of the biggest fields of employment. If you have knowledge in computers, it is guaranteed that you get some job – at least as a freelancer online. Digital Marketing, Online Trading, Data Analysis, Cyber Security play as major disciplines for the computer science graduates.  There are lot of startups that are emerging in India who are basically computer science graduates.

Computers are today part and parcel of everyday life. Starting from the kitchen to your workplace, computers play a crucial role in shaping your day. Technology has emerged to a big level where computers have started working somewhat equivalent to human beings. Artificial intelligence rules the time. Online shopping, e-commerce, smartphones and mobile communications have taken up the role of human beings. Needless to state, the cutting edge technological growth is not at all going to stop in this century.  Analysing the data to evaluate human behaviour is going on in a big scale with email applications, social networking and so on.

While several areas in computer science engineering discipline are the fastest growing segments in the current scenario, it is also one of the fastest changing areas technologically, when compared with other engineering disciplines. We can certainly claim that Computer Science Engineering is the best branch in engineering from this perspective. Computing professionals’ education and learning never ends with after getting graduation, but it continues with seminars, conferences, and advanced courses and training throughout the computing career. Everyday, there are advanced and new technologies and innovations coming up in computing industry. Success only requires an ongoing commitment to learn to maintain knowledge, enhance skills, and widen further career opportunities.

Career in Computer Science and Engineering – what you need

Passion towards learning new technologies, programming, mathematics.  For doing research, you should have a good mathematical background.

Career in Computer Science and Engineering – Graduation

Computer Science Engineering professionals work in the industry or any post graduate degree in related fields. Computer Science Engineering professionals will easily find promising job in a variety of environments in academia, research, industry, government, private and business organizations — It could be analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, developing and using advanced communications or any multi-media equipment, or working in teams for product development or services. Here’s a short list of opportunites and vocational areas in computing.
Software System developer / engineer
System Designer
Software Architect

Other interdisciplinary areas:
Mobile Communication
Machine interfacing
Simulation (aircraft / space vehicles)
Develop new technologies

Career in Computer Science and Engineering – Higher Studies

M.Tech in
Theory and foundations: Algorithms, Theory, Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Programming, Foundations of Computer Science, Distributed algorithms.
Systems: Compilers, Operating Systems, Virtualization/Cloud computing, Advanced Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Multi-core Architectures.
Software engineering: Software engineering, middle ware systems.
Analytics: Data analytics, Data warehousing, Data mining, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Artificial neural networks.
Artificial Intelligence: Natural Languages, Computer Vision, Speech Systems, Cognitive Science, Robotics.
Security: Systems and Networks Security, Information Security: Research and Management, Information Security Audit and Assurance. Cyber Security, Database Security
Information Technology
Software Engineering
Distributed Computing
Image & Multimedia Processing
Computer Systems and Hardware
Database and Information Systems
Programming languages
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Computing
Computer Graphics, Vision and Multimedia
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Algorithms and Complexity
Formal Methods in Software
Embedded Systems and Architecture
Software Systems
Business Analytics and Optimization
Big Data Analysis

Major private companies

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Flipkart, Amazon, Infosys, CTS, etc.  With the emergence of startups and e-commerce companies, the opportunities for the computer science engineering professionals have increased tremendously.

Professional Organizations

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
IEEE Computer Society
Computer Society of India