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Career Guidance and Psychometric test

Career Guidance and Psychometric tests are related with each other. Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure candidate’s mental capabilities, character and behavioural style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). This will help the students to get an idea on where and how they can perform well in studies. Career guidance and psychometric  test is to assess the candidate’s capabilities for the future career. Psychometric Test helps to identify the extent to which candidates’ personality and cognitive abilities and helps to share the career after 12th. 

Career Guidance after 12th – Psychometric test

Throughout most of our primary and even high school years, we might have moved along a fairly straightforward path without any kind of turns. Career guidance after 12th is more important after the school education. Just like any other student and friends, we went from one class to the next higher class. It progressed as a group through much of the same classes and milestones. All these activities ends up after the high school studies. Psychometric tests along with career guidance is very important to shape the career after 12th.

High school education is followed with the graduate studies. In this journey, everyone around us went in different directions, started making own choices, & suddenly we had to face several situations that demanded to decide about our future and career after 12th.

Career Guidance and Psychometric test
Career Guidance and Psychometric test are part of career planning after 12th

Career Guidance – Choosing the right path through Psychometric Test

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Career guidance along with Psychometric test is a tricky game. Your career path may not be in a follow step-by-step, turn-by-turn map approach. There are no finite checklists, infallible formulas, or rock-solid guarantees.  This advice may make you disappointed, excite you, or perhaps unnerve you. We are talking about something that is about to happen after 10 years!!

Career guidance and counselling – Start & End

You are the starting point! Feeling undecided, uncertain, overwhelmed or confused about the future and the choices is perfectly normal. Just choosing to continue with confusion may not be the best plan of action. Therefore, a good career guidance after 12th and psychometric test would help to shape your future and career. 

To get to where you want to be, you need to start figuring out who you are, where you want to go & how to get there. Identifying your work and lifestyle preferences is a very important part of the career development process.

Assess yourself carefully: What types of work would you enjoy? What kinds of people do you like to be around? How do you define success?

These are all important and sometimes difficult questions. Answering the questions, however, will help every candidate to establish clear career goals and take decisions about life and career. As a result, one can take the appropriate decision for the entire life. The is the objective of this article to start a self assessment & therefore giving you insights on career options. 

Career guidance after 12th – the reality

Some still think your career should develop in a linear path made up of a sequence of predictable steps, kind of like this: 

The reality of career guidance after 12th, for instance, is very different from what is thought of in general. Things have changed and for most young people today. Figuring out their career path is one part plan, one part evolution and maybe even one part luck. You might also be seeking help now, because you are somewhere in the middle of this path; that too is very normal! The cool thing is that all the twists, turns, ups & downs in life could also influence in shaping career. As a result, they can also be the influencing factors in career guidance after 12th. High school and university students reported that at least one ‘chance event’ influenced their educational or career path. Unexpected opportunities to study abroad, volunteering, summer jobs, or learning a new language can be life changing experiences.

Career guidance after 12th is not just choosing the best branch for graduation, but treading the complete career path. For some, even losing a job or not getting into their program of choice can be a blessing in disguise. However, the reality is that conventional, linear career paths after 12th are quickly being replaced by ongoing exploration, development, growth, and insight where people are continually assessing and adapting the role work plays in their lives. So although the decisions you make at this point with the influence of career guidance after 12th and through psychometric tests are important, there will always be room to adapt, shift, and evolve.

From radio producer to real estate agent, systems analyst to security guard, playwright to parole officer, exploring a variety of opportunities and experiences offers the potential for wonderful career defining moments. As a result,  you gain clarity and insight on career opportunities. This is the essence of career development.

A bright and future career will never end. It is a journey towards excellence. 

Values are the things you believe in and that you feel are important across the career in your life. In other words, they guide your behaviour and can heavily influence the choices you make in how you live your life. If your values are in conflict with your career, you may end up feeling frustrated or uncomfortable and lose interest in your work. As a result, career may not necessarily align with all of the values. Identifying career plans that are a good fit with the things that are most needed for life, is critical for developing a satisfying career that could be achieved through a career guidance plan and psychometric test. Above all these, the most important fact is to choose the best career to satisfy one’s own goal in life.

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