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Career Counseling

Career counseling after plus two

Career counseling after plus two is one of the crucial support required for students at the time of passing out from the school. Most of the students in India are not aware about the tremendous opportunities available for their career growth in their area of interest.  One has to do a study of these opportunities available in the mode of various programmes like diploma, degree in sciences, engineering, etc. This site is developed for schools, to impart career advice.

You are just coming out of the school. You may think of the career goals after high school.This is the perfect time to choose your career and life. You may choose for

  • Medicine (MBBS / BDS / Ayurveda)
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Commerce
  • Management
  • Sciences
  • Diploma in Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Fashion Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Industrial training jobs
  • Journalism
  • Textiles
  • Army / Navy / Airforce
  • Fire & safety engineering
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
Career options in India
Career options in India

Career counseling after plus two – How to choose career?

A couple of important factors that influence your career:

Career advice for students
Career advice for students

“I joined engineering not because of interest, because of parental pressure”

Career counseling after plus two & your passion for the subject: If you are undergoing plus two or equivalent education in India, you will certainly have a subject of interest. It can be anything – Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Commerce, Languages, History, Geography or anything of your like. I have seen relatives advising, neighbours advising, parent’s friends advising and finally parents advising. Over and above all these, teachers too advice about your career. I would prefer to listen to teachers.

Teachers pretty well know your mind set, your talent and creativity. Given an option, your choice must be given high priority. You should take pain to meet eminent persons in the field of your interest. You have to start from here by drawing a roadmap of your career and life. Life is based on career to a great extent.

Career Counseling – collect feedback from students

If you are not able to find a person, you can seek help from the school or tuition masters and find it from the internet. I am sure that most of the students now has internet access. My experience is that while teaching programming subjects I see students who are not at all interested in learning programming. The reason is that they say they were not at all interested in joining engineering programme. Just because of the parental pressure, they joined. It is waste of time, energy, effort and money. Finally they get morally discouraged. This is true with the girls to a greater extent. So, have at least two options of your interested subject.

The issue is not resolved till you find the best college for your study and you can afford to have the fees etc. paid by your parents. Choosing the best college is of great importance and time consuming. You have lot of colleges advertising as “top” ones. How to choose the best college? Here are my recommendations:

Career Counseling – choosing best college

  1. If it is nearby, it is always good to visit the college and see the infrastructure in person.
  2. If academically good students can give you honest feedback about the college, then it is worth. There are students who are interested in sports / arts or other co-curricular or extracurricular activities. They may not be keen on doing a great job in academics. So, choose academically good student to get the honest feedback.
  3. How to choose the college of study? College or any educational institution is good if it
    1. Has good infrastructure and facilities required for your choice of subject
    2. Comparatively reasonable fees
    3. Good faculty – with industrial / academic experience
    4. Discipline – you will come to know about the reputation automatically
    5. Placements

Career Counseling – other options

To an extent, it is fine to get an approximate data from the website. While there are some agencies that rank institution, it may not be completely true.

If you are clear on your decision and your path to your future, you should set the goal for at least next five to six years. The goal must always be long term, then short term. You have to decide on what you want to be in life. That decides your career and your future prospects. The reason is that I have seen students deviating from the basic degree or moving away the core subject.

Typically those who have already decided to go in the medical field like MBBS / BDS doesn’t need more advice as it is clear.

[…to be continued]



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