Career after Plus Two

Career after Plus Two

Career after plus two education is one of the important concerns among the school students and parents. You can find a lot of website offering career counselling in India. But I firmly believe that this website can be a complete guide for each student aspiring for a bright career. While most of the sites provide you the information on “top engineering colleges in India” or “best colleges in India”, this site will focus on choosing the best suitable career after your school studies.  The reason is that most of such claims may be paid. Secondly, any student aspiring for a higher education must realize that he/she should choose the area of graduation based on the passion and interest alone. A student aiming for a medical doctor in life cannot become a computer scientist or an engineer. While Engineering is the most wanted career by many students, medical and sciences too play a vital role.

Career after plus two
Career after plus two

Career after plus two – Advice to Parents

There are a lot of students and parents who seek career counselling in India. My advice to the parents is to give the freedom to your children in choosing their career path.  Never kill the talents of your wards. It affects their morale and their bright future. They should never regret in life just because you took a decision for his future. Let it be their responsibility. It is easy to nurture their talents if they are put in the field of their passion. In the Indian scenario, mostly the parents choose to decide on what their children should study. This is typically more with the girls. I used to ask the parents why the girl should be forbidden from learning something what boys also does. I am writing all these from my personal experience alone.

This website is primarily dedicated for those who doesn’t have an idea on how to choose a career. This website may be useful for the parents who wish to decide on the way your child should be brought up. Most of the parents as I have seen tend to listen to the relatives in the family or colleagues. It is perfectly fine to get opinions from others. But finally, the decision must be taken by the child if it is possible. I have an experience of a parent putting his daughter in an engineering college where the girl wanted to become a doctor. It was not that they were not financially sound, but because of the prestige and social image, he wanted her to be an engineer.  But finally the girl had to drop the programme in between and join for another programme.  These kind of acts affect the future of the children and it is a kind of wound that never cured in life.  This website will never give you “best career option” or “best college in India”.

This website is an attempt to help the students by collecting most of the information from the internet itself, but authentic. Moreover, if you are interested in knowing something more about your career and goals in life, you are free to contact me by email: careerafterplustwo[at]gmail[dot]com.

I know from my personal experience that sometimes, circumstances doesn’t allow us to go as we plan. So, we should have at least two plans in executing our responsibilities in life. Career and building bright future is one of your biggest responsibilities of life.  My advice is:

  • Always be confident – develop self confidence, but not over confidence
  • Always be optimistic – see positive sides in your success and failures
  • Always accept situations – we have to accept both success and failures
  • Find a learning component – whatever you are engaged in, find some learning component. it will always help you in the future.
  • Patience & Enthusiasm – Once you are an owner of a confident mind, then you can certainly develop patience and enthusiasm. This is very much required throughout your life.
  • Always assess yourself – it is very essential in a professional life. If you think you want to be progressive in life, you have to assess yourself

You can read more of such in this website once you start navigating through!

This website explains my experience as teacher. This could be valuable information for the prospective students in India who wish to pursue higher education after the graduation or after the higher secondary education.  The objective is to invoke thinking process among the students / parents to select the best career after plus two.

Author of this blog is from a reputed university in South India, with more than 12 years of teaching experience with a master’s degree. With a close communication with the students and the queries raised by them in the recent times prompted the author to build a site like that could help the prospective students.

I hope this would be helpful, your suggestions / comments / criticisms are welcome!

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