Career after M.Tech & career abroad

career after mtech in foreign universities

Career after M.Tech & career abroad

It has become a really challenging task to cop up with the current scenario of campus recruitment for undergraduate. Especially for those who seek career after M.Tech in Indian institutions.

It is your best time to choose career after M.Tech if you are currently undergoing the B.Tech / BE final year. Because, you can choose one of the best universities in India having tie up with foreign universities. It helps you a lot in terms easing the application process. European universities need students from other countries.  There are quite a lot of opportunities in foreign universities in the Europe and the US to look at a career after M.Tech.

All you need is to have a passion for research and academics if you wish to go abroad for student exchange programmes.

Career after M.Tech & Career Abroad
Career after M.Tech & Career Abroad

What to do for career after M.Tech with foreign universities?

  1. I would advise you to write GATE examination in the relevant subject
  2. Try to earn a good score in GATE for a bright career after M.Tech
  3. Secure admission in central institutions or in any good private university
  4. Make sure that the university you join has tie up with good foreign universities
  5. It is advisable to do some internship in core companies before your third semester.
  6. Apply for student exchange programmes and get it with the university assistance.
  7. Look for scholarship and then fly!

Most of the private universities have collaborations with the foreign universities because of the hectic competition among the educational institutions. If you are a real aspiring engineer, these opportunities helps you to get chances to go abroad. After  M.Tech or along with the M.Tech you can shape your career with MS in your area of interest. It is always easy to get job in the same institution you study abroad or at least in the foreign industry. You need to have a good performance in academics to get job in the same institution. Sometimes it is possible to get job under the same professor.

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Here are some of the universities to have a better career prospects after M.Tech

Dual Degree from

  • University of Mexico, USA (M.Tech / MS)
  • Vrije University, Netherlands (M.Tech / MS)
  • University of Louisiana, Lafayette, USA (M.Tech / MS)
  • Masters with L’AQUILA, ITALY (M. Tech / MS)
  • Dual degree – Oakland University, Michigan (M.Tech / MSITM)
  • KTH, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Graduate from Indian university with International study experience
  • Opportunity to interact and learn from experienced faculty abroad.
  • Explore opportunities for Higher Education with funding prospects
  • Because of the scholarship, No Tuition Fees required at be paid at Host University

Student Exchange programmes & Internships:

  • University of New Mexico, USA
  • Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany (Mechanical Engineering) – we should note that Germany has been the pioneers in automobiles.
  • Halmstad University, Sweden
  • Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark
  • National Ilan University, Taiwan
  • University of Paderborn, Germany
  • TU, Munich, Germany
  • Telecom Sudparis, France
  • UPC, Spain – EEBE (Electronics & Automation, Mechanical Robotics, Instrumentation, Electronics)
  • UPC, Spain – ETSEIB (Mechanical – AC, Industrial Chemical, Electrical, Materials, Automotive, Nuclear etc.)
  • UPC, Spain – ESEIAAT
  • Bachelors: (Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Industrial Technology)
  • Masters: (Industrial Engineering, Engineering of Automatic Systems and Power Electronics, Technology and Engineering Management)
  • Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
  • University of Trento, Italy
  • University of Aalto, Finland
  • Telecom Ecole De Management, France (MBA students only)
  • University of Groningen, Netherlands (BBM & MBA Students only)
  • Northern Illinois University, USA
  • Colorado State University, USA (Electrical Engineering, Physics and Mechanical Engineering)

Another option is to try getting into core engineering companies abroad. Design of chips, cyber security, renewable technologies are gaining momentum in the industry. With the emergence of embedded systems, IoT, artificial intelligence, there are industries that do research in these areas.

You should not be leaving the opportunity in front of you. You can get into any government organisations in India and choose it as your career after M.Tech. Institutions like IIST, ISRO and its subsidiary companies need good engineers in their research and development sections.

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