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Career after M Tech

Career after M Tech

Career after M Tech is very important and challenging in India in the current scenario. Every year a lot of graduates are passing out. M Tech is offered by many colleges and universities with specializations in interdisciplinary areas. This helps a real aspirant to pursue research and development in specialized areas of his/her interest. Most of the students prefer to go for placements after B.Tech / BE. A career after MTech is strongly recommended if you want to pursue research after the BE / B.Tech. You can also choose to pursue M Tech after working in the industry for sometime.

Career after M Tech is very much important these days as there are a lot of students joining M.Tech programme after UGC made it mandatory to have post graduation in M.Tech for a teaching job. There is a confusion among a category of students on career after M.Tech.  The most confusing fact is whether to go for teaching or to the industry or do research. When the UGC made it mandatory to have an M.Tech to get a job as lecturer or assistant professor, a large number of graduates started joining for M.Tech looking for the best career after M Tech.

Why choose M Tech?

  1. There is a career after M Tech for you if you are interested in  teaching / academics / research.
  2. M Tech is a good option if you are ready to spend money and time.
  3. If you have a strong desire to do M Tech, but your circumstances do not allow you to do so, then go for a job, work for a couple of years and then join for M.Tech or even M S abroad.

What next after M Tech?

  1. Research career after M Tech
  2. Teaching Job after M Tech
  3. Online Teaching Job after M Tech
  4. Career after M.Tech abroad

How to choose M Tech?

You should have a better understanding of the specialization you wish to select if you are a real M Tech aspirant, ambitious in research & development as your career M Tech. It has to be based on your area of interest and its future opportunities. Make sure that there is enough research and development taking place in the industry or in government sector.

If you are looking for a teaching career after M Tech, some of the private institutions & universities may be hesitant to employ someone who has completed M Tech in specialized area. The reason is that an average institution will recruit only those who completed M Tech in core engineering subjects – for example, Mechanical Engineering rather than Thermal Sciences.

That said, there are ample employment and opportunities for a bright career after M Tech in government organizations like BARC, DRDO, ISRO, etc. Apart from all these, there are a lot of government funded research projects funded by research centers under private / government universities. These too are very good options for a promising career after M Tech.  If you are doing M.Tech in IIT / IIIT / NIT. You have a good chance to work in research projects initiated by the centers of excellence and funded by the government.

Prospective employers include

  • TCE Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE)
  • Lloyds Register
  • Bureau Veritas, BVQI India Private Limited

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies

  • Hindustan Construction Company Limited (HCC)
  • ECC
  • Punj Lloyd

Equipment manufacturing companies

  • L & T
  • Walchandnagar Industries
  • BHEL
  • Honeywell

Mining companies

  • Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL)

Power generation companies

  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL)
  • Alcatel Lucent

Skills you should acquire for a bright career after M Tech

  1. Technical skills: not just the theory learned in the class room sessions, but application in real time
  2. Team work – What you need in a private sector industry
  3. Self learning skills – very important – what is that you gain at the end of university education? It is the skill to learn new things by yourself
  4. Leadership is an additional advantage, but not essential
  5. Good communication skills – in this internet age, you should be able to increase your productivity with the help of technology such as emails, collaborative platforms, software that will minimize your time in implementing tasks.

Important sectors for bright career after M Tech

  • Analytics – now a days, all the the data passing though the internet are analyzed. Posts in social media, comments made by the viewers, number of people reading the articles, analyzing the behaviour of the readers and finding the potential consumers from these readers or people is one of the challenge in this era. New products or services are developed based on analytics. Big Data, Machine Learning, AI are becoming popular.
  • Consultation – You should be able to solve a given problem within constraints. It can be anything – ranging from consultation, research, education, implementation of IT, cost effective implementation of projects, anything. You are a consultant in your area.
  • Education – Purely academics and research. Even in this case, you can develop new methodologies in research and academics by linking Information Technology.
  • Engineering & Technology – Core engineering, like production, manufacturing companies.
  • Finance – companies in banking sector. It can be anything from mining the data, advisor in the stock markets.
  • FMCG – Fast moving consumer goods sector is growing tremendously with the opening of FDI
  • Public Sector / Government – ISRO, BARC, DRDO, DBT, etc.
  • Research & Development – R & D is an essential component for growth of any organization
  • Services – any information communication technology kind of services
  • Software & IT – design, development, testing, support

Career after M Tech – various branches

Author is working as an assistant professor in a private university.  All the above content is based on the analysis of the economy, industry and market conditions. Updated on February 9, 2017.