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Career after M.Tech Construction and Technology Management

Career after M.Tech Construction and Technology Management

Career after M.Tech Construction and Technology Management offers ample opportunities as the technology continues to evolve everyday. M.Tech in Construction Technology and Management is aimed at shaping the managerial skills of civil engineering graduates. The programme prepares graduates to become decision makers and strategists, fulfilling production, commercial and technological demands.

M.Tech Construction & Technology Management, one of the branches in Civil Engineering is a broad and diversified field of engineering that deals with planning, designing, construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, highways, dams, tunnels, railways, airports, docks and harbours, water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial constructions, towers, sewerage, irrigation, earthquake resistance structures, etc.  It is an integration of both construction engineering and technology.

Other broad branches in civil engineering are Structural engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Resources, Transportation Engineering and Construction Management. All these are M.Tech specialisations offered under civil engineering.

The Construction Engineering and Management course aims at providing the graduate engineers with knowledge of effective and quality construction management practices leading to savings in time and cost of construction projects and to make the postgraduates effective Project Managers.

  • The curriculum is well balanced with exposure to theoretical and practical aspects of engineering practice.
  • The students are taught by a combination of lectures, tutorials, laboratory classes and Design Projects.
  • Practicing Engineers are called to give lectures on a wide range of topics at all stages of the course.
  • Visits are arranged regularly to various construction sites and Structural Engineering Research Centre for benefit of students.

Career after M.Tech Construction and Technology Management – Skill expected

  • management science
  • project management
  • decision and risk analysis
  • information technology
  • finance
  • lean manufacturing
  • optimization
  • supply chain management

M.Tech Construction & Technology Management includes various other functional areas of management along with practical experience in real world projects. Lab sessions include project management lab, construction material lab and quality practice.

Career after M.Tech Construction Technology and Management – Programme

Civil Engineering Industry provides large number of employment opportunities in Government and private sector due to vast infrastructure development projects. There is a huge impact in the construction sector as the economy grows.

M.Tech in Construction Technology and Management programme is an interdisciplinary programme that focuses on the knowledge & skills required for several domains. It included planning, coordination and successful implementation of large Projects such as design and construction of structures and buildings, ship structures, aircraft, dams, roads, and bridges etc. It is a fusion of engineering and management. The M. Tech. program in Construction Technology and Management gives the students an insight into scientific principles involved in the successful execution and management of construction projects. In most of the colleges, this programme is coordinated by Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering departments, for developing management executives in construction industries. The programme includes courses like

  • Construction Planning & Control
  • Contracts & Specification
  • Construction Economics & Finance
  • Construction Methods & Equipment
  • Construction Quality & Safety Management
  • Organizational Behavior

Latest technological trends and hands on computer training in construction management are integral part of the program. All the courses offered as part of the programme are designed with professional outlook towards the development of engineering and managerial skills of the graduates. The M.Tech. degree in Construction Technology and Management is always awarded under the banner of Civil Engineering department.

Career after M.Tech in Construction and Technology Management – Research career

A research career is possible after M.Tech in Construction Technology and Management as the program initiates a research acumen into the students. The construction industry is ever evolving and new advancements are being witnessed. In such a scenario, research and capability to self-learn assumes all the more importance.

The program focuses on a full time thesis in the final semester to promote the same. This opens a new horizon for the students, in the direction of research and higher learning. Doctorate programs in the field of construction management and sustainability could be pursued after the course.

In some curriculum, the students are to undergo practical training for 4 weeks in any Construction industry to gain practical experience and technical skills. The students are also encouraged to give seminars on current areas of research.

To acquire a high degree of engineering skills and to translate original ideas into a working reality, project work is carried out in two phases. To execute the project work, Structural Engineering Laboratory is made available with all facilities.

In most of the premier institutions, students are groomed under high standards of program delivery and rigorous curriculum and would naturally become capable of matching with the employer’s expectations. Some universities establish a network of partners in the industry and maintains strong relationships with many recruiters.

The placement cycle begins with counseling during the programme itself and continues throughout with relevant exposure, skill development, mock interviews etc, resulting in successful placement of the student.

Qualified students with knowledge of Construction Management can get placed as Planning Engineers, Quality Control Engineers and Project managers in Construction Companies like Gammon India Ltd., Larsen and Toubro Ltd, and Marg Ltd

The program is aimed to hone the skills of a student as a construction project manager. The course commences with acquainting the students to the principles of management, management knowledge areas, construction project planning and scheduling (time management). Gradually the course transgresses in to the realm of resource management. The course in the later phases deals with the subjects like contract management and quality management.

The course also focuses on improving the skill set of students through industrial visits and practical trainings. 12 weeks of dedicated training slots are incorporate within the curriculum for the same.

The course is also aimed to keep up with the current trends in the industry. Smart cities, sustainable built environment, disaster management, intelligent buildings (automation), green rating systems and research are also given due importance in the curriculum.

In a nutshell, the programme prepares the students to lead construction projects in the industry.

Career after M.Tech Construction and Technology Management – Job prospects

In India, organised construction industry have started flourishing and hence there are vast opportunities for construction management professionals. An M.Tech Construction and Technology Management programme trains engineers to be leader in construction work management and open vistas to rich career avenues.

Big construction firms normally hire construction management people of their own. Some of the construction majors and potential employers are CPWD, PWD, Delhi Metro, L&T, Gammon India Ltd., Indian Railways, National Highway Authority of India.

All students who complete M.Tech Construction and Technology Management  are eligible for employment in reputed construction and other companies. Graduate candidates specializing in Construction Management could become planning engineers, designers of infrastructure projects, controllers and monitors, procurement and coordination executives and appraisers of project proposals submitted to funding agencies. Post graduate students in Construction Management (PG Diploma, MBA, M.Tech etc) work as assistant managers, planning managers and project managers in construction companies in collaboration with specialists such as architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, sustainability experts, finance experts, and others. Also many of them start their own construction management firms. Job opportunities are plenty in:

  • large development companies
  • international consulting firms
  • multi-national architectural firms
  • government sector organizations
  • construction firms

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