Best M Tech Specialisation for 2018

best m tech specialisation for 2018

Career after M Tech : Best M Tech specialisation for 2018

Best M Tech specialisation  for 2018 : If you are looking for the best M Tech specialisation for 2018 admission, this article is for you. Author assumes that you are currently undergoing your final year graduation in BE/B.Tech. This article will give you a fair picture on the best M Tech Computer Science specialisation to choose based on your B.Tech. Why we talk about “career after M Tech” is because, you should have a fair idea on what you will do after the completion of M Tech.

At the outset, let us accept the fact that there are lot of students attending GATE examination and seeking career after M Tech. There are several career and job avenues in the industry, academia, government sector in almost all branches in engineering. You need a little knowledge on the economic scenario of the country.

Here are some of the promising careers after M Tech for next few years:

Those who are completing their graduation in engineering in computer science branch has the following opportunities:

Best M Tech specialisation for 2018
M Tech Information Security

Hot and best M Tech specialisation for 2018  – CSE students! Addressing security and privacy of people data will become a fundamental concern in any country, that will fuel the need of the cyber security industry. When these systems are compromised the consequences could be much more severe than lost social security numbers and similar data. With the increase in digitisation of transactions, heavy increase in the usage of internet and online activities including the bank transactions, demand for cyber security is also increasing. There are vast opportunities for cyber security experts in industry, academia, government organisations, defence sector, etc. Cyber Security is one of the best M Tech specialisation for 2018.

Best M Tech specialisation for 2018

Artificial Intelligence : AI is set to disrupt all your activities by automating it. Technology is becoming more efficient to control everything from appliances to radio volume to security from one central place. As a matter of fact, as AI develops, we eventually won’t need to manually control anything, as these devices will automatically adjust to our preferences. – Arthur Pereless, Pereless Systems. Given the situation, AI can be another branch that is the best M Tech specialisation for 2018.


How Technology Will Change Over the Next Decade

Best M Tech specialisation for 2018

Data Analytics : Next best M Tech specialisation for 2018 is data analytics. The explosive growth of data collection coupled with the increasing demands on the management of systems has made effective data engineering a necessity in several important sectors. Basically in diverse application domains such as geographic information systems, healthcare, fundamental sciences, business and finance. All these are part of everyday life.  Information can be regarded as an asset, which can significantly facilitate decision-making processes in any organization, thereby saving the organization both time as well as money. Consequently, there is an increasing industry demand for specialized professionals in the area of Data Engineering.  There are many applications, such as social media, healthcare, e-commerce, weather forecast, traffic monitoring, etc., that are producing massive amounts of data. This has led to a critical need for skilled professionals, popularly known as Data Scientists, who can mine and interpret the data.

Best M Tech specialisation for 2018Embedded Systems IoT : Another best M Tech specialisation for 2018 is Internet of things. The application of IoT in the indoor environment monitoring and control has become an important branch in engineering. There are lightweight intelligent solutions for the management of computer rooms using IoT. In recent years, the IoT has become a hot topic of global concern providing a new direction to the indoor environment intelligent detection and control system. Remote monitoring and control for indoor environment by using the embedded technology along with wireless sensor network to construct Internet of Things has become the platform for research in building a smart home. The world is getting connected increasingly combined with nano to large devices that are both the producers and consumers of data. IoT is growing rapidly in the past decades with various applications developed at academia and industry.

Best M Tech specialisation for 2018Another best M Tech specialisation is ML.  Machine Learning (ML) can also help these devices and machines, millions of machines, get together to understand what people want from the data made by human beings. It’s focus evolved and shifted more to algorithms which are computationally viable and robust. ML techniques have been used extensively for a wide range of tasks including classification, regression and density estimation. It is applied in a variety of application areas such as bioinformatics, speech recognition, spam detection, computer vision, fraud detection and advertising networks. The machine learning algorithms and techniques come from diverse fields including statistics, mathematics, neuroscience, and computer science and used even boarder, or most areas related to machines nowadays. Also, ML plays an essential role in IoT aspect for handling the huge amount of data generated by those machines. Machine learning gives IoT and those machines a brain to think, which is called “embedded intelligence”.

  • Given the current scenario to be continued to the next decade, you can easily sum up by combining all these. Which are the best career options M Tech for the year 2018?
  • M.Tech in Data Science / Machine Learning / Data Analytics / Big Data etc. – you need to have a strong math/algorithm foundation.
  • M.Tech in Embedded Systems / Communication & Signal Processing / Internet of Things / Electronic Systems Design and related fields
  • M.Tech Cyber Security / Cyber Security Systems & Networks, CS & Cyber Security
  • M.Tech CSE with a focus to AI, Natural Language Processing

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