Best Engineering Entrance Coaching Centre in India

How to Choose Best Engineering Entrance Coaching

Current education scenario

We will explore how to choose best engineering entrance coaching center in India through this article. It not only explains how to choose a center, but also why you should go for entrance coaching and get benefit out of it. In this current educational system, entrance coaching has become a vital organ and is inevitable in the life of any student aspiring a professional career. One of the primary reasons is the agony of the parents that made entrance coaching turn as business in India. Tensed mind of the parents wanders to find “best entrance coaching center” when the ward is about to start high school and sometimes even much before that. Be it Medical or Engineering, most of the parents want their ward also to be in the same position as their neighbour’s or relative’s ward. Most parents in India still believe in social trends, own social image and status. If the society is running behind any one profession, parents would want their ward also to be in that same profession. In most of the cases, parents never think of the future. Exploring the possibilities of securing a good job after the first degree should be the concern. But it is just opposite. Students are made to join a branch just because of its popularity in the society. In fact, there is no such myth in engineering profession. Any branch you choose can find a good job for you. The main reason for the under-development of India is because of the people going behind the social trends rather than thinking of what they can do as an engineer of future. Profession carried over by generations seems to disappear. Even for a farmer, he wants his ward to be an engineer or a doctor.

Best Engineering Entrance Coaching Centre in India

For any average high school student, depending on the profession of interest, he/she has to get trained at the school level itself. Here, training means, learning the learning the basics of subjects in high school, instead of mugging up the whole syllabus. The reason is that, entrance coaching is more like cracking the questions. There is no need to understand the concept to crack a question. Once the mind is trained in such a way for two or three years, the ability of the mind to understand concepts declines. The reason is that the stress created because of coaching and the fear of securing the desired position in the entrance ranking makes a student crack the questions instead of learning and understanding the concepts. Student is forced here to somehow crack the question. One of the reasons is that if such a capability is lost, then after joining an academic institution with a higher rank, then it is very difficult to cope up with the academic rigor setup in any average institution. On one side, there is a pressure from school teachers to “get a higher rank”. From the other side, parents, neighbours and relatives put pressure. Over all, the student himself has a kind self-pressure to get rid of these societal pressures. Finally, it is a kind of do or die business. Naturally the mind tends to “crack” the questions to get a good rank, not to study the concepts. The mind automatically makes him believe that if the rank is not good, then his image and future life is in toss. This is true when the mind and the environment where the student studies is competitive.

Is entrance coaching is meant for you?

The answer is yes if you want to score high rank in the entrance examination and forget the rest of the life. The problem is parents and our society see the first degree as something like a turning point in the whole life. What about passing first degree and securing a good job? What about maintaining the job with a good progress in terms of productivity and earnings? What about securing the job by competing with other players?

The emphasis here is the career goal in your life. What you want to be after your high schooling. Your career after plus two, what you want to be in life. It is your decision. The reason is that if you have the ability to understand the subjects and you have the self-learning skills, then you need not go for an entrance coaching for a longer time. At the same time, you have to invest you time and put efforts to learn and practice answering the questions as much as you can. But it should be in such a way that you don’t feel pressured.

For the parents: Send your ward for entrance coaching only if your ward is interested in engineering or medical field. Parents are responsible for the future of their ward. It is their duty to understand children and nurture their innate talents. For every child, there is a natural passion. Try to nourish the natural and latent tendencies through all possible ways. The reason is that it is your ward’s life. Your decision making should not affect their future and entire life. Tell others boldly that you are proud of your ward for choosing a profession of his/her passion. They should be given freedom provided they are in the good track.

How to choose an entrance coaching centre?

  1. Study about the center – see if the coaching is just to crack the examination or it goes beyond the methodology of just solving the questions through short cuts
  2. Make sure that you get better classes for the high school subjects
  3. Make sure that you get effective training to attempt high school examinations in a better way
  4. Coaching must be in such a way that it is added with the existing high school classes
  5. It is always good to choose a best entrance coaching center that enables you to write at least three to four entrance examinations of premier institutions in India

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