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Best Engineering College in India

Best engineering college

Which is the best engineering college in India? This is a common question asked by most of the students and especially parents. I would rather rephrase the question – how to choose the best engineering college in India.  Is it the best engineering college that has been ranked No.1? Is it the best engineering college that has been accredited by NAAC? Is it the best engineering college that has been approved by UGC and AICTE? Finally, the most important one – is it the best engineering college with good placements and infrastructure and faculty? Among these, which the parameter that will suggest the best engineering college in India?

Choosing the best college is one of the critical decisions to be made for any engineering aspirant. It is important and very much necessary to do a study by yourself through the passed out student, reviews in websites like, linkedin and other social networking sites.  MHRD has opened a website called to know about any college in India.

Best Engineering College - how to choose
Best Engineering College – how to choose

Here are some advices:

Best engineering college by Ranking

In India, there are several agencies that rank the engineering colleges in India and term them as the “best engineering college in India”. To an extent, it may be correct. For a student who wish to join an average institution, this is perfectly fine. But if you are a real engineering aspirant, you have to think of getting into IITs / IIITs or at least the NITs.

Best engineering college by accreditation

Most of the engineering colleges in India are accredited by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC). This is how it happens – NAAC constitutes a peer team and sends them for inspecting the college. The accreditation is based on the faculty, their research output, teaching methodologies, infrastructure and facilities, number of PhD, faculty-student ratio, etc. If they see all these in document, then they are bound to provide a better grade for the university / college. So, choosing a best engineering college in India need not be based on the accreditation.

Best engineering college by infrastructure and facilities

The most important factor in engineering education is the infrastructure and facilities. The best engineering college with good infrastructure should be given more importance than any other factor. The reason is that even if there are less number of faculty members, a student who is a real engineering aspirant can learn by himself. If you take a background of those who win the competitions by presenting projects, coding competitions, young scientist challenge etc., you will see that it is their self-effort rather than the pushing by faculty.   The Indian government is pushing for the skill based assessment for recruiting people, in all the government institutions. Once this is made compulsory, mere theoretical background alone will not help. Especially in the engineering education. For any practical experience, you need good infrastructure and facilities in the branch you wish to pursue.

Best engineering college by AICTE approval

There is no meaning – “approved by AICTE”. It doesn’t mean that the college is best in engineering education. It just means that they are given the permission to run the college. Now, it is mandatory to publish the list of faculty members in the institution website. Anyone who wish to learn more about that university or college, can do the same through the website. Yet another important matter to be kept in mind – if you are planning to avail bank loan, you definitely need to choose a college approved by AICTE.  Banks in general ask for the approval document. Without the approval document, they may not sanction the loan.

Best engineering college by Placements

Well, if you ask an average engineering student – “why did you join this college?” the immediate answer would be “because of placements”. Parents in India mostly go behind “placements” rather than getting the best education for their children. Placement is of course one of the important factors that influence the life and the selection of branch and the college. AT the same time, we should look into the institutions where tier-1 companies visit and do the recruitment.

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