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Career in Engineering

Career in Engineering

If we think something is tough, then it is tough. But nothing is impossible!

With the new investment policies initiated by the current government, there is a great chance of enormous career opportunities for engineers in India. If you are ready to put up effort and work smart during your graduation, I am 100% sure that you can have the bright engineering future and a promising career. There is a wrong perception that engineering is tough for an average student. I would say – your attitude must be – “let it be” – always take the challenges for a ride with confidence.

Career options in engineering
Career in engineering

Career in engineering

Engineers primarily work in the manufacturing, production industry, research and development, academia, etc. These three are the broader categories. If you prefer to work in industry right after graduation, you need to select either government or private or semi-government company. If you are a serious with an engineering career, you have to think twice about your career as an engineer after graduation. Always aim high! You are not bad to be ambitious!

Moving to the industry means, you are in design, development, planning, manufacturing, testing, supervision. Gradually, you may become a team lead. Later, if you are interested, it is good to go for a masters and then come back again for a better job position.  Once you are out in the industry after graduation, everything depends on your performance. Take me, graduation is the best time to mould yourself to fit into any situation. You may have to struggle for may be first two or three years after getting placed in a reputed company. Once you are place, you have to retain the position and from there, you need to move to the higher levels, without becoming stagnant. Plan your career at least for 15 years! Then you start working towards the goal.

Before entering the details of engineering, let us first explore who fit to do engineering education.

  1. If you are interested in moving with science & technology, engineering is suitable for you
  2. Precisely, your job is to find solutions for a particular problem of your expertise
  3. You should have a fair understanding of mathematics and be able to play it with technology

Whichever is your choice of engineering branch, the core courses are to be taken seriously.
In India, there are two type of engineering offered. One is BE called as Bachelor of Engineering and other is B.Tech – Bachelor of Technology.

Role of Engineer?

  • Devise economical solutions to a problem
  • Design the solution for implementation
  • Analyse it from various dimensions including the cost
  • Evaluate the design
  • Development of the product (this includes manufacturing also)
  • Testing of the proposed product or service
  • Consultancy for product development or any services

These can be anything varying from the plants in the factory, machinery, automobiles, computers or any tangible devices that can fasten the life or solve a problem faced by the human race.

In the modern era of computers, all these solutions can now be developed, analyzed, designed with the help of computers and its software.

Engineering branches in India

Aerospace Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Information Technology
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Electronics & Electrical
Electronics & Communication
Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Engineering
Applied Electronics & Instrumentation
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
Architecture Engineering
Automation & Robotics
Automobile Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Bio Engineering
Bio-Medical and Instrumentation
Biochemical Engineering
Biological Sciences
Building & Construction
Fashion Technology
Textile Technology
Production Engineering
Polymer Engineering
Ceramic Engineering
Diary Technology
Construction Technology
Electronics & Media Technology
Electronics & Telecommunication
Electronics Control Systems
Electronics Engineering – Design & Manufacturing
Electronics – Product Design Technology
Engineering Chemistry / Physics
Energy Management
Food Processing & Technology
Genetic Engineering
Remote Sensing
Industrial and Production Engineering
Industrial Biotechnology
Information Science Engineering
Instrumentation Technology
Control & Instrumentation
Leather Technology
Manufacturing Engineering
Marine Engineering
Material Sciences
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mineral Engineering
Microbiology and Immunology
Mining Engineering
Nano Technology & Robotics
Naval Architecture
Paint Technology
Petroleum Engineering
Pharmaceutical Technology
Plastic Engineering
Power Electronics / Engineering
Printing & Packing Technology
Printing Graphics & Packaging
Rubber Technology
Safety & Fire Engineering
Silk Technology
Sugar Technology
Systems Science Engineering
Thermal Engineering
Water Management

Best engineering branch in India

You can read the best engineering branch details here

This is an important, but difficult question to answer.  I am really sorry to say that I am not here to suggest the best branch for you. It fully depends on understanding your own capabilities, interest, your passion, etc. The selection of the best suitable engineering branch depends on your passion and interest. The decision must be based on the following:

  • Your financial position and investment required
  • Your career goal – whether your interest is in engineering or sciences or any other degree
  • Getting the best college for your most preferred engineering branch

Read out my post on how to choose best career.