Best engineering branch for 2016

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Best engineering branch for 2016

Here are some indicators telling you the best engineering branch for 2016.  To choose the best engineering branch for 2016 year, here are some analysis done based on the placement of this year.

In India, the software services industry alone recruits about 300,000 people every year. In the future the Internet of Things will undoubtedly create more job opportunities across all branches of engineering – Narayana Murthy (source: The Economic Times)

According to the report by Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, London based organization says that India ranks top in generating engineering graduates. As we see that the economy of the country is booming, a bunch of good career opportunities for the engineering aspirants rise up.

With the explosive growth of internet, e-commerce, more and more online players entering the consumer segment, it is going to be an excellent opportunity for the engineers interested in information technology, Commerce, Finance, Marketing, etc.

Career opportunities for Computer Engineering graduates

Why mechanical engineering and computer science can be the best engineering branch for 2016?

Most of the consumer sectors are nowadays moving online. If the buying and selling of the products and services go online, the job and career opportunities increases tremendously, at least for the next few years. If we look closely, the banking sector is being digitized in a fast pace, with most of the transactions being done online and also through mobile. We all know one thing – as the data is being transferred from one end to the other, the security concern also increases. This means, the most crucial and critical areas in the internet will definitely be the security of data. It is both the data that is stored as well as the transferred data. Big data analysis is yet another important area where the sharp brains can excel.

Apart from these sectors, we also see a boom in the manufacturing sector.

This year, the major manufacturing players were automobiles, aircraft, ships / boats. These are good indicators for the mechanical / civil engineering aspirants. With the bullish attitude of the government, it is clear that more opportunities will arise as the times goes in this sector. The main beneficiaries:

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineering

Engineering graduates in the above branches will also benefit the increase with the increase in the production of iron and steel manufacturing industries. Mechanical engineering related disciplines, petroleum related disciplines, chemical engineering etc. will get benefited from the booming of these sectors.

Growth of economy is also a good indicator for aspirants looking for best career after MBA. One of the examples is the increase in the export business. When the export increases, there is a lot of scope for those who complete their education in the finance / foreign trade sector.

With the increase in the exports of following engineering products, we can certainly conclude that the electronics graduates, mechanical engineers, graduates who successfully completed electronics and instrumentation will get good benefit. Increase in the Mica products means there is scope for the students who complete their graduation in chemical engineering.

Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates

If you are a computer science engineer with an MBA as post degree, you have a golden opportunity to enter into several areas for a bright career.

With the tremendous increase in social networking and marketing in social network gets you enormous opportunities for a secure and bright career. You may have noticed that the election campaigning was entirely done through the social networking sites. MBA in Sales & Marketing is one of the highly demanded profession, by the students.

Some of the hot cakes for MBA graduates in Banking, Financial Services & Investment (BFSI) sector was the roles in investment banking, equity research, credit analysis, retail banking and risk management. Apart from these, there are operations, analytics, digital marketing, business development, market research, etc. too witnessed by getting great importance.

The concept of make in India has also helped a good number of mobile phone manufacturing industries to setup factories in India. This is one of the golden opportunities for the electronics and communication engineering students. With the goal of producing electricity for everyone in the country, solar power gaining lot of significance even in the automobile industry, there is a great hope for the electrical engineering graduates to get into core engineering sector.

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