Best Engineering branch for 2018

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Best Engineering Branch for 2018

How to choose the best Engineering branch for 2018? High school students undergoing their +2 will have to start thinking of career after plus two by end of March. A good crowd aspires for a career in B.Tech or BE. The best engineering branch for 2018 and a promising, bright career after plus two becomes the next challenging task in front of parents and students.  It is clear for some students on the engineering branch to be selected and for some others the decision may take some time. There are some others in the border line, unable to choose where to take diversion.  This article is only a menu for you to choose the best engineering branch, based on your interest and passion.  Article has been prepared based on the current economic scenario. Author is from a top private university in India. Choosing the best engineering branch for 2018 should ultimately be your choice, not somebody else’s. Rely totally on your capability, passion, future prospects of the branch you choose, etc It has to be your responsibility only.

“It is interesting to note that production and manufacturing sector is on the revival mode, a much-needed impetus in order to create more jobs and solidify the backbone of our economy,” said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director,, APAC & Middle-East. Read more at:

The above news is from the Economic Times.  The statement shows about the opportunities to arise in the sectors mentioned in the statement. With regard to this, let us discuss first about the Mechanical Engineering and related branches like Mechatronics, etc. Government is giving a big push for the manufacturing sector. Indian companies are taking up the government projects to develop infrastructure in the underdeveloped states and in the villages. How is this related with choosing best engineering branch for 2018? This news makes it clear that the mechanical and civil engineering branches will have enough opportunities for the next decade. If you are interested to work with machines, mechanical engineering is the best branch for you. Most of the mechanical engineering curriculum offered by best colleges in India has good mathematical and computational content. This makes sure that you are on the safer side in choosing the best engineering branch for 2018, sustaining for at least next 5 years.

Let us talk about Civil engineering. Why civil can be one of the best engineering branch for 2018?

See the news on economic survey by the government: 

The government’s infrastructure development projects and social welfare schemes can generate at least five million jobs every year, absorbing nearly half of the 10 million people who annually enter the country’s workforce, an analysis of Budget data shows. Read more at: 

Civil engineering can be the best engineering branch for 2018 because of the infrastructural development taking place in the hill states – especially in the north east. For the first time, this year’s Budget discussed the number of jobs / mandays that will be created in laying highways and other infrastructure, building toilets, etc. Schemes like the ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission and rural houses under MGNREGS, creations of cold chains and food parks have paved the way to create jobs for civil engineers. The smart city proposals also add the opportunities for the same.  One of the best engineering branch for 2018 can also be civil engineering. 

Even for Electrical Engineering students, projects that push for the solar and renewable technologies, electric cars etc will generate jobs in the industry immediately after the graduation. A B.Tech / BE in electrical engineering can also be the best engineering branch for 2018. 

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