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B Tech Computer Science and Engineering

B Tech Computer Science and Engineering – Introduction

If we talk about B Tech Computer Science and Engineering, we all know that there is a widespread and increased use of computers, smartphones along with the data and information technology. This has created a situation of need for highly trained, innovative workers with extensive theoretical expertise and practical experience.

This workforce called as computer scientists, design, create, test and implement innovative applications in new technology. By creating new technology and its applications for everyday life they contribute to experiences in our everyday life.  They may also find alternative uses for existing resources, they solve complex business, scientific, and general computing problems. Some computer scientists work on multidisciplinary projects – for example – maths and computers, or collaborating with electrical engineers – for developing applications for efficient power use, or with mechanical engineers, and so on.

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B Tech Computer Science Engineering programme

A B Tech Computer Science Engineering program prepares you to meet the computing challenges through specialized subjects, delivered to you through industry aligned curriculum, courseware, and mentors. On passing out, you can look forward to an exciting career either with a leading Global S.I. or ISV company, or with a large end-user organization in the country or abroad.

B Tech Computer Science EngineeringProgramme Educational Objectives

After successful completion of B Tech Computer Science Engineering, students should be able to:

  • Design / Develop / Test engineering projects to develop products and services
  • Pursue higher studies such as M Tech or MS in an area of interest
  • Be Innovate and creative in the profession by applying analytical skills
  • Demonstrate efficient research talent in the area of computing
  • Design / develop applications to meet the changing needs of the society in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Communicate effectively in a team, display leadership skills in project management, and demonstrate professionalism in each activity.
  • Engage in lifelong learning with changing trends, apply the knowledge wisely and remain continuously employable.

B Tech Computer Science and EngineeringProgramme Outcomes

  • Understand the relation between mathematics, science and fundamental engineering and use it appropriately
  • Identify, formulate find solutions for engineering problems in the area of computing
  • Demonstrate the ability to design and conduct tests, analyse and interpret the output.
  • Exhibit an ability to design a system, component or process as per needs and specifications in the area of computing.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities through the activities.
  • Communicate effectively in written and verbal form
  • Understand the impact of engineering solutions for the society and be aware of contemporary issues.
  • Develop the ability to work and learn independently or in team, and acquire the need for lifelong learning.

B Tech Computer Science and Engineering give you the theoretical foundations of information, computation, their implementation, application in computer systems. Computer science has various sub areas – they emphasize the computation computer graphics; some relate to properties of computational problems. There are some areas that focus on the challenges in implementing computations. For example, programming language and their theoretical studies approaches to describing computations, while computer programming applies specific programming languages to solve specific computational problems. A further sub field, human-computer interaction, focuses on the challenges in making computers and computations useful, usable and universally accessible to people. All these are either offered as core courses or as elective subjects. The curriculum varies depending on the university.

From research point of view, a B Tech Computer Science and Engineering student can do research on a wide array of topics. Examples include computer hardware architecture, virtual reality, and robotics, big data analytics, efficient searching, etc.

In the present scenario of drones being used for several purposes like home delivery of goods, a B Tech Computer Science Engineering student is free to work in robotics. Computer Science Engineers working in the area of robotics try to create machines that can perform tasks with artificial intelligence. With AI, Robots perform many tasks, such as sweeping floors in peoples’ homes, assembling cars on factory production lines, and even it goes to “auto-piloting” airplanes.

After B Tech Computer Science and Engineering, one can pursue M Tech and PhD. After this, one can get employed by academic institutions have job functions that are similar in many ways to those employed by other organizations. In general, computer science engineering researchers in academic settings have more flexibility to focus on pure theory unlike in an industry environment. On the other and, computer science engineers working in business or scientific organizations usually engage in producing patents and profits. There are some computer science engineers in non-academic settings with a considerable latitude in determining the direction of their research.

B Tech Computer Science and Engineering Career Opportunities

  • Software Design, Development, Testing
  • Data Analytics and Management / Mining
  • Computer Networking
  • Information Security
  • Research in Theoretical Computer Science – Algorithms, Architecture
  • Internet & Web Applications
  • Image processing, graphics and multimedia
  • IT Training and Support

Computer science engineering is certainly one of the fastest growing professions across the globe. Strong growth in employment opportunities, combined with a limited supply of qualified professionals paves the way for incredible employment prospects in this field. Computer engineers have brilliant career options in diverse areas like information security, sales user support, software development and programming, system and network administration, research and development, project management, database management, data protection, consulting, market research, software and hardware management, marketing, controlling and information research etc.

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In a developing country like India, software development is the one of the largest contributor to national income. The amount of money and job created by this industry is much more weh compared with other disciplines. Banking automation, Online shopping and e-learning are few successful implementation examples where national software firm have taken up over their international counterparts. Major IT industries are having their off-shore development centre in India. Many of the industry experts say that if you don’t have a development centre in India, you are not doing the business seriously. Many Indian companies like InfoSys, Wipro, TCS etc. are shining globally and making the mark. To understand latest trends in computing, visit ACM or IEEE Computer Society.